9 Steps to Build a Strong Team with your Leadership Attributes

9 Steps to Build a Strong Team with your Leadership Attributes


In this competitive world, where many aspire to have a successful and long-lasting career, employers seek candidates who possess leadership attributes and are competent enough to lead themselves and their teams to professional and personal success. Every successful business is led by a team of professionals who work together to contribute to the overall growth of the company. It's essential to have the right mix of different professional skills in every individual to achieve success.

However, curating and managing such a team can be challenging. It requires time and patience to assemble employees with different interests and outlooks, who are willing to take collective steps to reach a common goal. This is where the role of an individual with leadership attributes becomes prominent. A leader not only manages and supervises the team but also recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of team members.

It's important to note that there's never going to be a "perfect team" since flaws and obstacles are a part and parcel of professional life. Nevertheless, a leader's attributes can create an environment where employees work on their differences by focusing on their strengths to achieve a common goal.

However, to keep up with the changing business world, leaders need to polish and nurture their leadership attributes continually. Leadership and team-building training provide practical guidance for understanding leadership roles, types, and team dynamics.

Some Characteristics of a Successful Team

  • ➤ Being Goal-Oriented 

The team members motivate each other to strive towards a common goal, resulting in the organization's success through their collaborative efforts. 

  • ➤ Eagerness to Learn and Grow Together 

A strong team is open to challenges and ready to embrace changes to learn something new. Members support each other during dire situations, which helps avoid confusion or disparity and strengthens team-building spirit.

  • ➤ Accept diversity

The members of a team may have diverse opinions, experiences, personalities, and characteristics, but this does not pose an obstacle because the team collectively works out ways to overcome these differences and avoid workplace conflicts.

  • ➤ Communicates with each other

The success of a team lies in its ability to communicate effectively. As a leader, your attributes should aim to create a team that can communicate smoothly, which will increase the likelihood of efficient work. It's important to prioritize building a strong channel of communication within your team to ensure its success. 

  • ➤ Supports one another

A team that is healthy and functional will provide support and show appreciation for the accomplishments of their fellow team members.

9 Steps to Build a Strong Team

The onus of building a strong team and motivating it lies with the leader. A good leader will always strive hard to keep his team motivated so that they put forth their best performances. A good leader not only keeps his team together but also contributes significantly towards the achievement of company goals and objectives. Here are few tips to optimize leadership attributes for maximum effectiveness. 

1. Plan and Set Organizational Goals 

To meet the needs of your company or organization, it is essential to plan and execute ideas that promote business growth. These goals may vary depending on the type of business, and therefore, the planning and execution will take different formats. It is important to analyze industry trends before designing, planning, and assigning tasks. Goals need to broken down into smaller tasks that are achievable leading to fulfillment of the goal. However, all tasks should share a common objective of fulfilling organizational goals.

2. Define Roles Among your Team Members 

Once the business plan is formulated, the next step involves assigning tasks to the respective team members, depending on the specific roles assigned to individual employees. It is crucial to assign tasks based on the skills and qualifications of team members to derive maximum results. As a leader, your job is to identify and utilize the best abilities of each employee and distribute tasks accordingly.

3. Encourage the Team to Take Risks

Encouraging team members to take risks and experiment with their abilities can lead to the discovery of creative and innovative solutions. As a leader, it's important to recognize and reward employees for their inventive approaches to tasks, as this can boost their confidence and inspire them to achieve even greater success. 

4. Embrace Diversity

It is a fact that every team comprises members with different personalities, which often results in workplace conflicts. It is the role of professionals with leadership attributes to support and embrace differences among their team members to avoid such conflicts.

Furthermore, companies must ensure to hire team members from diverse backgrounds to improve internal relationships. Diversity can lead to positive and efficient ways of accomplishing tasks by sharing skills,excahnge of ideas and supporting one another in achieving common goals.

5. Respect the Members of Your Team

To promote teamwork, it's necessary for every team member to share mutual respect for one another. It's essential to accept that each employee is unique and different in their own way. As a leader, it's important to exercise attributes that nurture comradeship and welcome differences, creating a positive work environment that promotes success.

6. Connect Emotionally with the Team

It is important to understand that your employees are human beings with feelings and emotions. Treating them as mere laborers can break the team spirit. It is the responsibility of professionals with leadership attributes to motivate the members based on their skills and promote healthy competition. Expecting the same goals and outcomes from every member will discredit their individual self-worth and instill jealousy among employees.

7. Establish Expectations from the Very First Day

It is the duty of team leaders to examine the progress of team members in meeting requirements successfully. Ground rules should be set, and expectations made clear from the very first day. Employees should be made aware of the long-term goals of the business to drive them towards meeting the goals from the start. This will help them learn the importance of sharing responsibilities and assisting one another to promote a positive team environment.

8. Celebrate Accomplishments and Discuss Failures 

Recognize the achievements of your team members by celebrating together. This not only encourages them to perform better in the future but also helps them relax and relieve their work stress for a little while. In the case of failures, it is advisable to discuss the reasons and collectively come up with solutions instead of resorting to the blame game.

9. Foster Connections between Team Members 

Team building activities and exercises can be effective tools to connect team members based on mutual likes and dislikes. This can be achieved through frequent group sessions and fun activities that encourage interaction and communication between team members. Over time, these efforts can create a healthy team atmosphere where members understand their responsibilities and share their accomplishments with the entire team.

Team leaders play a crucial role in the success of every employee. When team members face doubts or confusion, they often turn to their leaders for affirmation and confidence. This highlights the importance of leadership skills in managing and guiding a team towards success. However, even skilled leaders may require guidance on building a successful team based on industry standards. This is where leadership and team-building training becomes essential. By participating in such training, aspiring team leaders can acquire the necessary skills to succeed in their roles. If you're unsure where to start, look for resources in the "message from the author" column below for an easy route to your question. 

Message from the Author

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