Why CIPS Training is Beneficial for Your Organization?

Why CIPS Training is Beneficial for Your Organization?


When it comes to the realm of procurement, have you ever asked yourself why the current society places such a heavy burden of expectations on CIPS certified training? Did you never wonder how proper CIPS training can boost your career opportunities or advertise your application’s value? It is no secret how relevant CIPS training from any appropriately certified institute will open the doors you want.

Here are some of the primary reasons why CIPS certified training would place you on a pedestal in your organization.

1. Recruiters prefer CIPS members

In the latest CIPS/Hays Procurement Salary Guide and Insights, it was revealed that 66% of UK recruiters state a definite preference for MCIPS candidates. Therefore, it is an unspoken fact that CIPS training acts as a decisive differentiator when it comes to applying for select organizations. Earnestly prioritizing CIPS training will not only help you filter your choices but also provide you with a clear goal to pursue.

2. CIPS members benefit companies, thus making them highly desirable

Procurement is becoming an incredibly important part of the business as more and more leaders are coming to acknowledge its role in mitigating costs and recognizing business opportunities. Undertaking CIPS training affirms your ability to shoulder these tasks. Furthermore, CIPS’ Measuring the Benefits report found that one of CIPS Corporate Award clients had increased efficiencies by 22% and training by 27% whilst reducing staff turnover by 45%.

As such, CIPS membership is highly valued by businesses and could be your ticket to a higher salary and better benefits. This throws a straightforward light on how important CIPS certified training is for your career.

3. CIPS training helps you demonstrate certain skills and personal attributes

Proper CIPS training demonstrates your ability to understand and perform the responsibilities of procurement and supply professionals. It proves that you have undergone the necessary training to complete your role to a high standard and with little error. The training also shows your commitment to the profession. Whether the funding to complete it came out of your own pocket or from your employer’s, taking the time and effort to finish the CIPS certified training highlights a desire to succeed in your career.

4. It sets you apart from other candidates

One of the most prominent advantages of CIPS training is that the qualifications acquired as a result of it can set you apart from other candidates who are applying for the same role. With recruiters actively looking for CIPS members and the said qualification labelling you as a dedicated, certified candidate, your CV will easily find its way to the top of the pile. That is not even considering the boost you get if you display additional skills in the field.

Recent scandals in the press have highlighted the increasing need to train purchasing staff to ensure you genuinely know your supply chain.

CIPS covers key areas such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability, negotiation, ethical trading, leadership, and much more. What follows are some of the reasons why your organization will never let go of you. Trade secret: it has to do with the effect your skills and qualifications have on the market. CIPS training is the solution to all your worries. Here're why:

a) Industry-led Qualifications

Whether you have just entered the profession or you are an experienced manager, the CIPS training program offers something for everyone who is earnest about it. All you need is interest along with the determination and willpower to go through with the training. If you manage that, you will ease into this lifestyle.

b) Relevance in the Market

CIPS training is relevant for purchasing and supply in the 21st century. With current topics and key business essentials, the syllabus introduces fresh content, reflects business issues with contexts in the real world, and places a strong emphasis on the application as well as the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

c) A Clear Path of Learning

Each level of qualification is designed to equate to specific job roles, so you can take what you learn straight into your workspace. You can start and finish the CIPS training at the right stage for you, gaining personalized flexibility and choice along with the ability to progress at your own pace as your career progresses.

d) Recognized Badge of Competence

The market can be cold and unforgiving to the uninitiated. Booking knowledge can only take you so far. That is why the CIPS training provides students with a badge of competence by assessing them against practical learning outcomes. As an international organization, the said badge of competence carries considerable recognition throughout the profession.

Investing in CIPS training for their employees will make both new and established businesses more profitable and competitive due to the improved effectiveness and efficiency of the procurement team. The training further is designed to motivate teams and individuals as well as bring best practices and innovative thinking to the workplace.

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