Branding - Creating & Managing your Corporate Brand

The Branding Course helps professionals to create a successful branding strategy. This 30-hour course, authorized by the KHDA, assists professionals in advancing their careers in marketing, creative design, and brand strategy. In addition, students acquire the crucial abilities needed to construct strong brands. The practical approach assists professionals in gaining insightful knowledge that helps in decision-making. This training can be taken from novice to industry expert, helping them to understand the ever-changing world of branding.

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What is the Branding Course All About?

Branding Course helps professionals with foundational skills for preparing a solid brand for the business. It looks into the essentials of brand identity, positioning, and communication with a focused approach. The training aims to secure a prominent place in the minds of the target audience, making it the preferred choice for business transactions. The professional gains valuable strategies to understand the dynamic landscape of brand development.

Why is the Branding Course Important?

A Branding Course is important for various reasons. A Branding training becomes valuable as it forms an emotional connection between customers and the company. It increases customer loyalty and increases customer lifetime value. With the help of this course, individuals can master the significance of maintaining lasting relationships with customers. Hence contributing to the success and growth of the business. 

How Does a Branding Course Help You Get Hired by Companies?

With the help of the Branding Course, professionals understand the dynamics behind the success of top global brands. The individuals gain a solid understanding of branding principles and apply them personally. The course helps learners to gain practical insights to shape and communicate their own brand stories effectively. 

Industry Trends

After the completion of the Branding Course, individuals focus on the preferences of consumers, notably Gen-Z. The course emphasizes the importance of brands supporting significant causes. This formal training helps individuals with the knowledge needed to combine their brand with today's socially conscious consumers.

Some of the notable trends to look out for in the upcoming years:

  • ➤ Digital Transformation
  • ➤ Purpose-Driven Branding
  • ➤ Co-creation and Collaboration
  • ➤ Diversity and Inclusion
  • ➤ Personalization and Humanization

Market trends

With the help of the Branding Course, individuals can discover the important role of a well-designed brand in setting a business apart from competitors. Branding agencies, with a keen focus on understanding customer needs, specialize in crafting a distinctive brand identity that communicates a company's values, message, and image. As of 2022, the global branding agency services market stood at USD 4.9 billion, projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% from 2023 to 2030.

Salary Trends

Branding Course assists professionals in developing solid brand strategies. This in return increases growth and expansion. Brand managers drive volume and profitability, focusing on achieving both short and long-term brand objectives. This formal training ensures a solid foundation in the essential skills required for effective brand management.

Some of the salaries earned by professionals in the MENA region:

  • ➤ Dubai: AED 42,500 monthly
  • ➤ Bahrain: BHD 9600 annually
  • ➤ Oman: OMR 2153 monthly

Demand & Opportunities

The job opportunities in the field of brand management are expected to rise. As per the data by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a 6 per cent increase in advertising, promotions, and marketing manager jobs from 2022 to 2032. Therefore assisting individuals with the necessary skills to meet the rising demands in this dynamic field. 

Some of the notable job opportunities are as follows:

  1. Sales Manager
  2. Marketing Manager
  3. Marketing Analyst
  4. Business Consultant
  5. Account Executive

Course Outcome

Successful completion of the Branding Course will enable you to:

  • Attain a systematic understanding of brand theories, understanding concepts like brand equity, identity
  • Develop critical awareness regarding the external challenges associated with managing brands 
  • Apply brand concepts to effectively assess the current position of brands 
  • Gain the expertise to form a comprehensive brand plan for assessment purposes
  • Formulate precise marketing recommendations aligned with the brand strategy

Course Module

  • Introduction
  • Brands, Branding, Brand-building
  • Popular Brands & Why they Stand Out
  • Introduction to Mission Statement
  • Examples of Good Mission Statements
  • Hands-on Exercise to Create Mission Statement for a Product of Choice
  • Introduction to Brand Components
  • Brand Components: Style & Attitude
  • Hands-on Exercise
  • Basics of Graphic Design
  • Concepts: Image Perception, Color Spectrum Analysis, Fonts, etc
  • Introduction to Famous Brand Designs & Logos
  • Quiz
  • Introduction
  • Checklists to Successfully Launch your Brand
  • Introduction
  • What is Balanced Scorecard
  • Brand Evaluation using Balanced Scorecard
  • Hands-on Exercise
  • Introduction
  • Refreshing, Re-launching a Brand, & re-branding
  • Case Study
  • Discussion on Branding Processes
  • Identifying a Product’s Features, Values, and Benefits
  • Various Brand Architecture & Processes
  • Introduction to Brand Positioning
  • Introduction and In-depth Analysis of Positioning Statement
  • Hands-on Exercise Creating a Positioning Statement
  • Recap
  • Elements of a Successful Brand Name & Slogan
  • Famous Brands, Slogans, & Taglines
  • Defining & Developing Brand Name & Slogan
  • Hands-on Practice
  • Introduction
  • Turning your Employees into Brand Ambassadors
  • Easy Ways to Connect with Customers
  • Introduction to SWOT Analysis
  • Basics of Brand Evaluation
  • Tools for Brand Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  • Introduction to Middleton’s Brand Matrix
  • Introduction
  • Interpreting Brand Evaluation Results
  • Common Signs of Brand Trouble

Program Dates

25 May
  • 11:00 AM
  • Sat
  • Classroom
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Expert Instructors & Teaching Methods

Farida, a seasoned digital marketing trainer, excels in crafting content strategies aligned with business objectives, and optimizing campaign performance. With extensive experience in sales, marketing, and operations, she formulates 360-degree marketing strategies, driving company visibility and qualified traffic.

Her track record includes impactful campaigns, robust internet marketing, and SEO strategies. Farida leads online marketing initiatives, leveraging activities such as keyword research, link building, content marketing, PPC advertising, social media, and email campaigns. Taking hands-on ownership of social media performance, Farida integrates platforms with analytical tools like Google Analytics. She focuses on optimizing SEM paid app and social media campaigns, exploring new avenues for brand growth.

Farida's expertise extends to building brand awareness within the digital space, and implementing creative best practices. Comprehensive reporting covers digital marketing campaigns across platforms, including social, Google, and DV360. She structures campaigns based on KPIs, meticulously trafficking and collaborating with content teams for engaging content.

Core Competencies

  • ⦾Performance Marketing 
  • ⦾Media Planning & Buying
  • ⦾Social Media Marketing
  • ⦾Optimizing PPC/CPC/ CPL/ CPS Campaigns 
  • ⦾Campaign Analyzing 
  • ⦾Keyword Research
  • ⦾Analyzing Consumer Journey Funnel 
  • ⦾Content Strategy 
  • ⦾E-Commerce Marketing 
  • ⦾Campaign Optimization & Analysis 
  • ⦾Search Engine Marketing Optimization 
  • ⦾Growth Strategy 



Professional Skills


  • ⦾Google Analytics
  • ⦾Appsflyer  
  • ⦾META Business suite 
  • ⦾Semrush 
  • ⦾TUNE 
  • ⦾Similar Web 
  • ⦾Sprout Social 
  • ⦾Brand watch 


Professional & Academic Background


  • ⦾Post-Graduation Digital Marketing - The DMTI, Mumbai
  • ⦾Bachelors in Media Studies - Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communications (Pune, India)
  • ⦾Our Own English High School, Dubai

Ms. Farida

Why Count on Learners Point?

Being a leading training institute of Branding Course, at Learners Point Academy we help professionals master the necessary skill sets to complete the Social Media Marketing certification.

Following are the USPs our Branding Course offers you:

  • We look at real-world scenarios organisations face and formulate our Branding Course evaluating practical requirements
  • We also focus on practical case studies as a way to provide you with a reality check and insight into what is expected of you when you are delivering in a demanding environment
  • Our bespoke Branding Course also equips you with hands-on experience by offering assignments related to the actual work environment
  • Apart from organising group sessions, we also offer a guided learning experience to enhance the quality of our training program
  • We also take a discrete approach to career guidance so that one can be successfully placed as a professional

Learners Experience

"The Branding Course's formal and focused training helped me navigate the complexities of brand strategy, enhancing my decision-making capabilities in corporate communication."

Tumayi Fawaz

Corporate Communication Officer

"The insights gained from the Branding Course have been invaluable in my marketing career. It provided a practical toolkit for successful brand positioning."

Ramaya Farhin

Marketing Coordinator

"I appreciated the course's adaptability, catering to beginners like me while offering insights that even seasoned professionals found beneficial."

Zamaina Sheikh

Brand Communication Manager

"As a creative designer, the course added a new dimension to my skills. Now, I approach design projects with a deeper understanding of brand identity."

Afsana Mahruki

Creative Design Specialist

"The Branding Course gave me a solid foundation in crafting effective brand strategies. The practical approach made the learning process seamless."

Hakim Reth

Brand Strategist

Our Graduates

Our graduates are from big companies, small, companies, they are founders, career changers and life long learners. Join us and meet your tribe!

FAQs on Branding - Creating & Managing your Corporate Brand

The accreditation body for the Branding Certification is the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

Yes, the Digital Marketing Course is a part of the Branding Training program.

Yes, a Branding Course is beneficial for marketing professionals. Understanding branding concepts and principles helps marketers develop effective strategies for their brands. 

The format for the Branding Course exam is computerized multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

Yes, freshers can apply for the Branding Course.

Apart from theoretical sessions, professionals can expect these points: 1)One-on-One Doubt Clearing Session 2)Tips to Ace the Examination 3)Interaction with Industry Expert

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