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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are amongst the hottest fields of the 21st century, making them the current trend ruling the business world. At Learners Point, we offer a huge array of AI courses in Dubai that includes some of the best Data Science and Python Programming courses in Dubai. Our Data Science courses in Dubai are suitable for those wanting to develop various intelligent business solutions. Professionals can learn to design, create and implement DS based software solutions to solve actual business problems through these Data Science courses in Dubai. Furthermore, we take pride in offering one of the best Python Programming courses in Dubai as our expertise is far fled expanding to providing Certified Python courses for professionals to become successful developers. With a combination of theoretical and practical sessions, our Certified Python courses train professionals to master the Python programming language which is an essential part of today’s world ruled by Data Science. Through our AI courses in Dubai, participants are offered a comprehensive learning experience with an emphasis on hands-on learning enabling them to become experts in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Our AI courses in Dubai cover courses on Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Python, etc enabling participants to become experts in two complementary disciplines that organizations are seeking globally.

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  • Reinforce knowledge of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence concepts
  • Design, create and implement AI and DS based software solutions
  • Handle and analyze extremely large datasets using cutting edge open-source tools
  • Master AI and DS skills that open up a multitude of job prospects
  • Accelerate careers in the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence field

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About Data Science & AI

During the past ten years, Data Science has emerged as one of the most high-growth, dynamic, and lucrative careers in technology. Our bespoke AI and Data Science courses in Dubai are crafted to accelerate participants’ careers in the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence field. The course modules of all our Data Science and Python Programming courses in Dubai are structured by industry experts who possess demonstrated experience in Python programming in DS and AI fields. These AI courses in Dubai are developed with industry-focused and extremely simplified content covering Python, Big Data, Hadoop and Spark, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Through our AI and Data Science courses in Dubai, participants are trained on AI and DS concepts from a fundamental level to an advanced level with practical implementation at every stage of the course allowing them to master the skills irrespective of their educational or professional background.


Target Audiences

Learning AI and Data Science are crucial skills for many job roles today. Our AI courses in Dubai are designed to help any professional wanting to kickstart a career in Data Science and AI field. With strong guidance on Python through our Python Programming courses in Dubai, we provide individuals from students to industry professionals an opportunity to master their programming skills.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Data science is one of the hottest tech careers right now, with high-paying jobs all across the world. With the ever-growing demand for the profession and substantial salary packages, Data Science is a lucrative career with tremendous opportunities for advancement in the future. This sector attracts millions of professionals across the globe with the right skill set to have a futuristic career.
Due to high-tech infrastructure and the implementation of several smart initiatives, Dubai is now named the Middle East’s leading smart city. With the rising demand for Data Science in the global business market, professionals with significant knowledge in Data Science can bring their careers one level up. The demand for Data Science professionals is projected to grow positively in the UAE making it the ideal location for a promising career.
The potential for quantum computing and data science is huge in the future. With recent analyses of important data, companies are better equipped for setting up future campaigns and goals to employ Data Science professionals. Completing a Data Science certification course will enhance your knowledge of data science concepts and tools and elevate your professional value to stand out in today’s competitive world.
With organizations increasingly recognizing the importance of data and the immediacy to analyze this data and generate ROI, the scope for data science professionals is high. Any professional with a technical or non-technical background wanting to embark on a highly lucrative career path can start a career in Data Science and AI. Through various Data Science and AI courses, professionals can enhance their domain proficiency and attract jobs across industries.
Data science is a field for everyone. From application developers to businessmen, professionals with a basic skill set can embark on this field. Although programming languages like Python and R are widely used in the field of Data Science, it is not an essential skill for building a career in Data Science and AI.

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