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Human Resources and General Administration are two important arms of an organization. The HR department serves as a link between the employees and management, they overlook various aspects of recruitment and employee off-boarding. The Administration department provides valuable services, enabling work processes to operate seamlessly and decision-makers to focus on value-added tasks and responsibilities. These responsibilities make both the HR and Administration departments valuable to any organization. The huge role these departments play in the organization makes professionals skilled in HR and Administration roles in high demand. Our Human Resources and Administration courses in Dubai are developed to train professionals to get job-ready and pursue a career that offers various lucrative job opportunities. Our bespoke HR & Administration courses are ideal for professionals looking to prove themselves in a challenging and fast-paced work environment. At Learners Point, we offer different types of Administration and HR courses depending on the participants’ skill level and career goals, ranging from beginner to more advanced levels of training. Our huge array of globally accredited HR certification courses and Administration courses includes ample real-world projects and case studies that enable professionals to develop their skills and knowledge in the field and direct them to a spectrum of varied and exciting jobs.

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  • Gain knowledge on how businesses and employees operate together
  • Master the fundamentals of various concepts in the HR and Administration field
  • Acquire globally recognized HR certifications issued by HRCI
  • Summarize Human Resources Management in business
  • Get fully equipped to join today’s competitive workforce

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About Human Resources & Admin

The scope of HR and Administration is vast and diverse, as well as hugely impactful. This rising scope had shed light on various Human Resources and Administration training programs in Dubai. Our Administration and Human Resources courses in Dubai are one of the best training programs designed to help professionals learn the latest HR management and secretarial skills and techniques to stay up-to-date in today’s ever-growing market. Developed by industry experts, our HR courses are a combination of theory and practical application aiming to give participants a holistic view of strategic HR management. Through our bespoke Administration courses, participants get fully equipped to join the workforce as a secretary or administrative assistant, or advance within their current place of employment. With some of the industry’s best professionals as our in-house trainers, at Learners Point, all our HR and Administration course curriculum are developed with a prime focus on core business competencies enabling participants to gain a deep understanding of the real-world tools and strategies necessary to excel in their field of expertise.


Target Audiences

Since HR and Administration is a fast-growing field, pursuing a career in the same offers various lucrative job opportunities. At Learners Point, we offer a wide range of certification courses in HR and Administration that are ideal for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge in the field of HR and Administration. Our Administration and HR courses in Dubai are the perfect fit for professionals to acquire globally recognized credentials.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Human resources and business administration are two smart choices for securing a successful future as they can open doors to a variety of career options. Professionals find fulfilment working in human resources management and business administration as it offers high salaries, a fast-paced work life, and a strong emphasis on working closely with others. This makes it the perfect choice of career for aspiring professionals.
As companies from small to large enterprises need HR and business administration professionals to manage the workforce, implement business activities and serve as the backbone of the company, the demand for certified professionals in these sectors is only rising. This makes the future of HR and business administration professionals bright.
With the rising demand and growing employment rate for human resources and business administrators in the market, our HR and ADministration courses can pave your path to the real world of business filled with opportunities. You get to develop a broad-based understanding of HR and business administration, acquire globally recognized certifications and enhance your managerial and leadership competencies which can guarantee you a successful career transition.
Human resources and business administration as a career is a highly demanding one. Building a career in it can be a bit challenging. But, with the right skillset and domain knowledge, you can definitely make it to this lucrative career path. With the help of Business Administration and HR training courses, you get trained in every aspect of HR and business management and acquire globally valued credentials that will help you reach greater heights.
Although having a degree or diploma in human resources or business administration gives you an upper hand in the market, it is not necessary to have one. Anyone wanting to build a career in HR and Business Administration can enrol themselves in specialized training programs to develop their domain knowledge that is essential for taking up any job role in this sector.

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