CHRP Certification Training (UK Certification)

CPD UK accredited certified Human Resources Management Professional course offers the training required to build the right strategies for recruitment and management such as identifying behavior patterns, promoting ‘performance development’ and retaining talented and diverse employees. Apart from the core HR concepts like recruitment, performance management, training and development, this course additionally covers health and safety, business immigration, and UAE labor laws. The business landscape today is shifting rapidly and the level of competition has risen to challenging heights. HR departments need to gear up to stay in pace with the challenges and evolving business needs. Human Resource professionals need to continuously widen their horizons to be more eloquent with their competencies to make their mark in today’s market. Our CPD UK accredited CHRP program promises to strengthen and upgrade your HR skills as needed by today’s employers.

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  • 19 May, 2024 / 26 May, 2024
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What is CHRP Certification All About?

The CHRP Certification is a widely recognised HR credential. It stands for a testament to professional standards in the HR industry. Efficient manpower management is crucial for every business to succeed. This certification equips professionals with a solid grasp of fundamental aspects of human resource management.

Why is CHRP Certification Important?

The CHRP Certification enhances employment prospects. This, in turn, facilitates higher earnings. Research also reveals that certified professionals earn a significant 48% more than their non-certified counterparts.

Why do Companies Hire Professionals with CHRP Certification?

Human Resources (HR) plays a pivotal role in shaping an organization's culture. The CHRP Certification encompasses crucial aspects of business culture, including compensation, and reinforcement of company values. These elements are integral to HR's function in fostering and transforming an organization's cultural landscape.

Industry Trends

The field of HR Training has witnessed substantial evolution in recent years. The CHRP Certification adapts to these changing dynamics, ensuring HR professionals are well-equipped to implement these changes in the workplace. 

Market trends

As we step into 2024, the future of the job market has transitioned largely. Many changes that originated during the pandemic have accelerated themselves as consistent features of our professional landscape. Some of the notable trends are as follows: 

  • ➤ Skill-based hiring is on the rise as companies recruit for potential
  • ➤ Hybrid learning will force companies to re-invent their corporate academics
  • ➤ HR burnout is a crisis that needs to be addressed

Salary Trends

A substantial global demand exists for HR specialists. A share of 81% of HR professionals anticipate salary increases, including 26% expecting significant raises exceeding 15%. In this flourishing market, CHRP Certification plays a vital role in positioning individuals for success. These certifications prepare individuals to access competitive salaries. These are some of the salaries earned by individuals in some countries of the MENA region:

  • ➤ Dubai: AED 45k- AED 126k monthly
  • ➤ Bahrain: 475 BHD- 1264 BHD monthly
  • ➤ Kuwait: KWD 9000 - KWD 21000 annually

Demand & Opportunities

CHRP Certification equips professionals with essential skills, fostering a strategic mindset. Through this training, individuals gain the ability to evaluate an organization's HR requirements, that align with business objectives. It enhances the effectiveness of HR initiatives and reinforces their proficiency in human resource management.

Here are some of the job roles one can apply for after attaining a CHRP certification. The job roles are as follows:

  1. Human Resources Generalist
  2. HR Specialist
  3. Compensation Manager
  4. Management Consultant
  5. Benefits Manager

Course Outcome

Successful completion for the course will help individuals in the following ways:

  • This course is equivalent to CIPD level in human resource practice and will give you a solid ground in all aspects of human resources.
  • The course will help you develop essential human resource skills and give you the complete confidence to be more effective at work and add value to your role and organization.
  • This foundation level qualification is ideal for human resource professionals wishing to acquire a wide range of relevant, practical skills and a professional qualification to further their career within the human resource realm.

Course Module

  • What is HR management?
  • Roles and responsibilities of HR professionals
  • Strategic versus administrative roles
  • Key HR outcomes and results
  • Organizational expectations of HR
  • Management’s expectations and employees’ expectations
  • Internal consulting – building partnerships with line management
  • Organizational theory, structure and design
  • Delivering measurable HR results
  • International/global HR
  • The nature of the employment relationship
  • Employee engagement
  • Work life balance
  • Managing fairly and equitably
  • The legal environment and HR
  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Wrongful terminations
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Ethical issues
  • Employee discipline and counselling
  • Managing termination
  • Handling grievances
  • Performance management and ratings
  • Performance appraisal vs performance management
  • What are performance enablers
  • Performance management continuum
  • Appraisal planning
  • How to develop ongoing performance communication
  • Setting of goals and objectives
  • Appraisal documentation and forms
  • How to conduct meetings and discussions for appraisal
  • Training process
  • Learning management systems
  • Analysing and evaluating training needs
  • Team-based / organization based / Individual training needs
  • New hire orientation
  • Types of trainings
  • Career development
  • Managing promotions and transfers
  • Consulting training programs using blooms taxonomy
  • Comparison between training and development
  • Approaches to employee development
  • Assessments and development planning activities
  • Understanding VMO
  • Assessing the needs
  • Policy development
  • Conducting HR audit
  • Workforce planning and forecasting
  • Job analysis and design
  • Methods of collecting job data
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Recruiting job candidates
  • Selection process and employment testing
  • Successful interviewing techniques
  • Designing structured interviews
  • Selection testing
  • Health and safety laws
  • Basics of employee safety and health
  • Causes and prevention of accidents
  • Workplace health issues
  • Workplace security and dangers
  • Motivation theories
  • External equity
  • Internal equity
  • Determine the compensation philosophy
  • Purposes of a salary survey
  • Legal considerations
  • Make or buy decision of surveys
  • Expat compensation and COLA
  • Fringe benefits
  • Administering payroll
  • Labour laws of the UAE
  • Legal requirements
  • Employment contracts
  • Resignation and termination
  • End of service benefits
  • Dispute resolution process

Program Dates

19 May
  • 02:00 PM
  • Sun
  • Classroom
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26 May
  • 09:00 AM
  • Sun
  • Classroom
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Expert Instructors & Teaching Methods

Ashraf Shawky is a seasoned training professional with over 15 years of extensive experience working with leading organizations in the UAE and MENA region. He began his career as an Assistant Manager with Oberoi Group in Egypt. He then worked at Americana as the Training and Development Manager. He has also worked as the Senior Human Resources Manager for Emirates Flight Catering and as the Human Resources & Development Manager for the Faisal Jassim Group. Ashraf Shawky has successfully delivered training programmes on HR, managerial, and supervisory soft skills topics like Entrepreneurship, HR Administration and Policies, Leadership Skills, Strategic Management, Balanced Score Card, Train the Trainer, Root Cause Analysis, Building Self-esteem and many more. He has also developed and delivered training workshops for leading organizations such as Emirates Foundation, Jumeirah Group, ADNEC, Emirates Post, and Dynamic Hospitality Group. Ashraf Shawky uses his extensive practical industry experience to deliver a complete and effective learning experience, adapt to various learners' profiles, specifically UAE Nationals, and equip them with the latest best-in-class on-job application.

Educational Qualification

  • ⦾ Post-Graduate Diploma, Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development, India
  • ⦾ Bachelor of Commerce, Alexandria University, Egypt


Professional Certification


  • ⦾ Associate of the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development (CIPD), UK
  • ⦾ Certified Level A & B Occupational Psychometric Assessor (British Psychological Society - BPS)
  • ⦾ Lean Master (Green Belt) – Lean Manufacturing
  • ⦾ Smallpeice Enterprises – UK

Ashraf Shawky

Ms. Marichu stands out as a distinguished corporate trainer, specializing in the Human Resources domain. Her illustrious career spans 6 years in the training industry, complemented by an impressive 13-year tenure as the Head of Human Resources. Throughout her extensive 19-year professional journey, Ms. Marichu has held key roles in Operations, Document Control, and various other capacities, amassing a wealth of expertise.

Apart from her multifaceted career, Ms. Marichu is recognized for her prowess in conducting personality development and other soft skills courses. She has orchestrated numerous successful Human Resources workshops and programs tailored for corporate delegates, aiding them in achieving professional excellence. Ms. Marichu's teaching philosophy goes beyond imparting skills; she believes in inspiring and motivating learners to reach their goals. 

Ms. Marichu's commitment to empowering individuals for success is evident in the achievements of her students, a testament to her dedication and impact in the realm of corporate training. Her unique teaching style has garnered appreciation globally, with students attesting to the effectiveness of her approach.

Core Competencies

  • ⦾Credit Control
  • ⦾Document Control
  • ⦾Public Speaking
  • ⦾Communication Skills
  • ⦾Certified Training Manager
  • ⦾Train the Trainer
  • ⦾Problem-solving and Decision Making
  • ⦾Certified Strategic Manager
  • ⦾Executive Secretarial Management


Professional Certifications


  • ⦾Certificate of Completion Public Speaking Technical Training (2021)
  • ⦾Certificate of Completion for Personal Development and Self-Awareness (2020)
  • ⦾Certificate of UAE Labor Law Training (2019)
  • ⦾Certified Train the Trainer (2018)
  • ⦾Certified PECB ISO Certification Invigilator(2016)

Ms. Marichu Sarabia

Mr. Yasir Haque is a distinguished corporate training professional with over two decades of experience in delivering exemplary training programs. He began his career as a regional training and development consultant, where he developed a strong knack for identifying top talent and creating effective sales strategies. He is a highly accomplished and respected executive coach, corporate training professional, and mentor based in the Middle East. Over the years, he has worked in various training and development functions, including leadership development, diversity and inclusion, talent management, and employee engagement.

He has won several certifications in various areas of training and development, including ATD and SHRM. His expertise in corporate training and industry matters has garnered frequent invitations to deliver speeches at esteemed conferences and events worldwide. Additionally, his authoritative perspective is often featured on reputable media channels, including Forbes and Bloomberg, further highlighting his status as a thought-provoking leader in his field. As a trainer, Mr. Yasir has conducted numerous training sessions for Fortune 500 companies, including Apple, Google, and Microsoft. He is known for his exceptional ability to connect with his audience and deliver engaging and impactful training sessions.

He graduated with a degree in Business Administration from a top-tier institution in Boston. He is devoted to empowering individuals and organizations to reach their utmost potential, and his well-established reputation in the industry attests to his exceptional proficiency and trusted status. Whether you are looking to improve your sales strategy or develop your leadership skills, Mr. Haque is the go-to expert to help you achieve your goals.

Work Experience

  • ⦾ Head - Corporate Training, Learners Point Academy
  • ⦾ Learning and Development Officer, Links2work, Kent, United Kingdom
  • ⦾ ILM Level 3 & 5 Management Coach, Learndirect Apprenticeships (LDA) Ltd, London 
  • ⦾ Compliance Specialist, Capita, England
  • ⦾ Regional Training & Development Consultant, Lloyds Bank, United Kingdom

Professional Certifications

  • ⦾ Licensed Teacher, Professional Regulation Commission
  • ⦾ Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), The TEFL Academy - Leading EFL Teacher Trainer Provider
  • ⦾ Learning & Development Practitioner, CIPD
  • ⦾ Workplace Training: Planning and Designing Training Solutions, ATC Training Limited
  • ⦾ Train the Trainer: Certificate in Corporate Training, The CPD Group

Dr. Yasir Haque, Head - Corporate Training

Learners Point Certificate

Earn a Course Completion Certificate, an official Learners Point credential that confirms that you have successfully completed a course with us.

CPD Certification

Earn a globally recognized CPD UK Certification with professional credit points. This certificate can be attested by The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) for UAE visa issuance. 

KHDA Certificate

Earn a KHDA attested Course Certificate. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is the educational quality assurance and regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Why Count on Learners Point?

Learners Point Academy, as the top provider of CHRP Certification, assists professionals in acquiring the required skills to advance in their careers.

The CHRP Certification we offer has unique features. The USPs of our CHRP Certification are listed below :

  • We study real-time challenges organizations face and gauge the practical necessities
  • Along with theory, we study real-life examples to understand reality and provide insight into what you need to deliver 
  • Our customized CHRP Certification also assist by providing assignments linked to a real work environment
  • We conduct group sessions along with a well-coordinated learning experience
  • We also offer career guidance so that individuals can get an effective professional placement

Learners Experience

"The CHRP certification gave me the credibility I needed to pursue my dream HR job. I currently work as an HR Manager and owe my success to this certification."

Reza Naik

Development Manager

"I can't stress enough how much the CHRP certification elevated my career. I now specialize in compensation and benefits and have a thriving career in HR."

Zoravar Sheikh

Recruitment Specialist

"The CHRP certification provided me with a solid foundation in HR, making me a valuable asset to my organization. I'm now responsible for leading HR initiatives, thanks to this program."

Halem Baktiyar

Compensation and Benefits Analyst

"The CHRP certification not only expanded my HR skills but also boosted my marketability. I received a job offer with a 20% salary increase shortly after completing the program."

Junaidi Khan

HR Specialist

"Obtaining my CHRP certification was a game-changer! It opened up new doors in my HR career and gave me the knowledge and confidence to excel in my role."

Shamsher Muraka

Human Resource Manager

Our Graduates

Our graduates are from big companies, small, companies, they are founders, career changers and life long learners. Join us and meet your tribe!

FAQs on CHRP Certification

The CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) certification is a recognized credential in the field of human resources. It signifies an individual's competence and knowledge of HR practices and principles.

After obtaining the CHRP Certification, you can maintain this prestigious title by paying annual dues to the association and completing the CPD Requirement every three years. 

To enrol for the CHRP Course, professionals must fulfil the following requirements: 1)Possess a minimum of 2 years of experience in Human Resource Management. 2)Complete the prescribed coursework. 3)Commit to upholding the HRMI-established Code of Ethics. 4)Achieve a successful outcome in the CHRP Exam.

Yes, certified HR courses are very beneficial for professionals at various career levels in the HR domain. Different courses like CHRP, CHRM, SHRM CP / SCP, PHRi, etc. cater to beginners or freshers, mid-level professionals as well as senior-level professionals for leadership roles. 


Yes, there are practical components as well as assessments in the CHRP course. Case studies are also a part of the practical training of this certification program. 

Guidelines for obtaining CHRP certification: 1)Meet qualification requirements. 2)Enroll in a recognized CHRP course. 3)Prepare rigorously for exams. 4)Take CHRP exams. 5)Understand and budget for associated fees.

Obtaining the CHRP certification can be an important step in advancing your career as an HR professional. However, this needs an appropriate understanding of CHRP, your career objectives, etc. You have to ace tips and strategies to advance your career with CHRP.

CHRP is a very lucrative certification and offers numerous career benefits. If you are aspiring to attain this reputed credential, you must go through an in-depth analysis of CHRP certification to know what it is all about. 

Human resources is a huge domain. Different courses cater to various professional levels and requirements. CHRP and other HR certification courses are similar yet have unique offerings. Knowledge of CHRP training vs. other HR courses is much needed before you sign up for any course

The CHRP Course offers global recognition within the human resource domain, significantly enhancing one's job prospects. Securing our certification paves the way for higher-paying positions and increased earning potential. Research consistently indicates that certified professionals command salaries that are 48% higher than their non-certified peers.

Presently, the global demand for CHRP training is on a significant upswing. From the United States to the MENA region, the acceptance has shown an upward trend.

Certified HR courses impart skills and knowledge required for manpower management. They cover various key components mentioned below: 1)Benefits and Pay 2)Hiring and Selection 3)Training and Development 4)Labour Relations 5)Organisational Development

The Certified Human Resources Professional - CHRP designation was changed to Certified Professional In Human Resources - CPHR in October 2016 by CCHRA - The Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations to meet the varying needs of the HR industry within Canada. 

Certified HR courses like CHRP are important for many reasons. CHRP certification comes with many benefits. There are many reasons to pursue CHRP training for a successful career in HR like HR Knowledge, exposure to industry best practices and trends, etc. 

You have to understand the requirements of a CHRP certification before you enrol on a course. Knowledge of various aspects like prerequisites, fees, examination patterns, etc. is necessary for success on the first attempt. It is important to go through a CHRP certification guide to get all the information you need. 

A CHRP certification brings with it a promising future for many reasons. Higher salary, globally recognized credentials along with many reasons behind the rising popularity of the CHRP certification.

Yes. The CHRP Course covers the Code of Ethics for HR Professionals that are listed below: 1)Uphold Professional Integrity 2)Protect Employee Rights 3)Ethical Decision-Making 4)Ensure Confidentiality and Privacy 5)Trust Building with Stakeholders 6)Mitigate Legal and Ethical Risks 7)Improve Organizational Culture 8) Strengthen Employee Relations

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