Corporate Finance Course in Dubai

Our Corporate Finance Course in Dubai equips professionals with skills in financial statement analysis, modelling, and valuation. It covers M&A, LBO modelling, capital markets, and credit analysis. The course is for finance, accounting, investment banking, private equity, and corporate finance pros. Instructors provide real-world examples, case studies, and interactive exercises for a hands-on learning experience.

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What is The Corporate Finance Course in Dubai All About?

Corporate Finance course in Dubai is a hands-on program covering finance, accounting, and investment banking. Tailored for all levels, it explores financial statement analysis, modelling, valuation, and more. Designed for professionals in Dubai, it's a career-boosting opportunity. It offers practical skills and expertise in the dynamic field of corporate finance.

Why is The Corporate Finance Course in Dubai Important?

The Corporate Finance Course is crucial for finance professionals. It covers vital topics like financial statement analysis, modelling, valuation, and capital markets. Enrolling in this training program enhances skills, facilitates career growth, and keeps professionals updated on the latest finance trends and best practices.

How Does the Corporate Finance Course in Dubai Help You Get Hired by Companies?

Enrolling in a Corporate Finance course in Dubai enhances one's employability. The program provides practical insights and real-world examples, enabling you to apply knowledge directly at work. This boosts productivity and efficiency. Investing in the Corporate Finance course is a strategic move. It ensures competitiveness and success in the dynamic finance industry.


Industry Trends

Corporate Finance is a dynamic and competitive field. Business models have started evolving due to globalisation, digitalization, sustainability and changing regulations. Companies need experts to operate digital tools for streamlining processes, cutting down costs and making informed decisions. 

Market trends

By 2026, the global corporate finance market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.8%. This is due to the increasing adoption of e-learning and virtual training solutions. Furthermore, the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud computing is accelerating this market growth.

Salary Trends

Corporate Finance is a highly competitive field. The high demand for corporate finance professionals has created career advancement opportunities and pay raises. According to reports, certified finance professionals are earning up to 320,000 AED per year.

Demand & Opportunities

The Corporate Finance Course in Dubai offers a medium to a secure career in the financial sector. Known for its stability, it includes various roles in accounting and treasury. This helps in overseeing a company's financial aspects, making it a stable job.

Some of the in-demand job roles are listed below:

  1. Financial Analyst
  2. Securities Trader
  3. Portfolio Manager
  4. Financial Planner
  5. Quantitative Analyst

Course Outcome

Successful completion of the Corporate Finance Course in Dubai will enable you to:

  • Gain expertise in evaluating a company's financial health and performance.
  • Master the skill of analyzing financial ratios and identifying financial statement trends.
  • Learn to construct precise financial models for forecasting future performance.
  • Master skills in analyzing and interpreting complex financial data.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of how the capital market works
  • Gain the confidence to make well-informed and strategic financial decisions.

Course Module

  • Working Capital
  • Non-Current Assets
  • Debt and Equity
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Cash Flow Statement Issues
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Corporate Financial Strategy
  • M&A Accounting
  • M&A Accounting Issues
  • Debt Accounting and Modeling
  • Ratio Analysis
  • EPS
  • Pensions
  • Taxes
  • Leases
  • Stock-Based Compensation
  • Financial Instruments and Hedge Accounting
  • Working Capital Issues
  • M&A Modelling Issues
  • Merger Process and Arbitrage Fundamentals
  • M&A Documentation Fundamentals
  • Trading Comparables
  • DCF Fundamentals
  • DCF Valuation
  • DCF Issues
  • DCF with Synergies
  • World of Returns
  • Transaction Comparables
  • LBO Valuation
  • Valuation Issues
  • Valuation Issues – Sum of the Parts
  • Corporate Capital Structure Analysis
  • Financial Covenants
  • Credit Rating Advisory
  • How to Write an Investment and Credit Case
  • Three Statement Modeling
  • Financial Modeling and Forecasting
  • Integrity and Error Checking
  • Editing
  • Financial Modeling from Scratch
  • Taxes – Modeling
  • Working Capital – Modeling Seasonality
  • Interim Period Modeling
  • Cash Flow and Sweep Modeling
  • Modelling Foreign Exchange Translations
  • Modelling Pensions and OPEBs
  • LBO Modeling Issues
  • Acquisition Finance Modeling
  • Completion Mechanisms
  • Debt Capital Markets for Issuers
  • Fixed Income Fundamentals
  • Debt Structuring
  • Convertible Bonds
  • Equity Capital Markets
  • Project Finance
  • Interest Rate Derivatives for Corporates
  • Interest Rate Derivatives for Corporates; Further Hedging Strategies
  • Bond Cash Flows and Valuation
  • Bond Hedging
  • FX Fundamentals
  • FX Market Fundamentals and Derivatives
  • Modelling a Reorganisation
  • 13-Week Cash Flow Modeling
  • Impact of Complex Debt Structures on Debt Restructuring
  • Cash Flow and Credit Analysis for Potentially Stressed Companies

Program Dates

3 Mar
  • 09:30 AM
  • Sun
  • Classroom
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16 Mar
  • 09:00 AM
  • Sat
  • Online Live
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17 Mar
  • 09:00 AM
  • Sun
  • Classroom
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24 Mar
  • 11:00 AM
  • Sun
  • Classroom
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Expert Instructors & Teaching Methods

Mr. Tatek is a Certified Trainer and Executive Coach who has worked on multiple assignments including Leadership Development, Behavioral Training and Talent Management, with deep domain expertise in developing Human Capital. He is a T&D expert with over 15 years of comprehensive experience in consulting with leaders and decision-makers to improve business effectiveness and engage employees. Tatek, who brings about 20 years of relevant experience in the MENA region is a real people person passionate about using his strength and knowledge to train and help professionals grow. Mr Tatek’s experience in the banking, management & consultancy, and the learning & development industry has helped him make a mark for himself in the L&D field. He regularly works with senior executives, corporates, and at the same time, individual clients. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with a specialisation in Public Administration and Development Management, Mr Tatek has worked closely with the KHDA & CPD and delivered training programs across all levels of management. Mr Tatek is a genuinely exceptional communicator recognised for presenting complex topics with clarity, creativity and enthusiasm.

Work Experience

  • ⦾ Soft Skills Trainer & Senior Corporate Training Manager, Learners Point  Academy, Dubai, UAE
  • ⦾ Customer Service Manager, Western Union Money Transfer, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • ⦾ Managing Partner, Quantum Consultancy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Core Competencies


  • ⦾ Strategising on training framework spanning need analysis, mapping training requirements, gap bridging, content development and delivery to develop an efficient workforce and motivated employees who can achieve maximum productivity for fast-growing organisations
  • ⦾ Measuring training effectiveness
  • ⦾ Create training policies, procedures, and metrics and ensure their alignment with organisational goals
  • ⦾ Liaising with training bodies like KHDA and CPD
  • ⦾ Developing learning strategies that incorporate skills & knowledge
  • ⦾ Innovative training and coaching techniques and delivery style
  • ⦾ Conducting TNA using the Stop/Start & Continue methods

Tatek Abayneh Mebratu

Mr. Pinaki Chakraborty is a renowned corporate trainer having more than 30 years of experience altogether. Mr. Pinaki has worked extensively for 22 years in the training and development of employees. He has hands-on experience in Customer Service Management, Office Management, Time Management, and 30 other crucial management-related topics. He has delivered training in every part of Dubai and India and won accolades in various public speaking competitions. Having trained students in more than 80 countries, the beneficiary of this training includes banking employees to FMCG employees. The best part about his training is that he customizes and presents in a simplistic way for the students to learn comfortably. According to Mr. Chakraborty, all students should feel valued and supported in a classroom atmosphere that is supportive and upbeat. He is committed to assisting students in realizing their maximum potential and developing them into successful, well-rounded people, both professionally and personally.

Work Experience

  • ⦾ Corporate Trainer & Organizational Development Consultant, Learners Point Academy, Dubai
  • ⦾ Corporate Training and Development Manager, Madi International, Dubai
  • ⦾ Corporate Trainer, Brain Power Training Centre, Dubai


Major Clients


  • ⦾ ITC Ltd.
  • ⦾ Dr. Reddy’s Foundation
  • ⦾ Cox & Kings Tours
  • ⦾ NSEit (National Stock Exchange)
  • ⦾ Tower Auto India (Unit Of Tower USA)
  • ⦾ HDFC Bank
  • ⦾ Rajiv Gandhi Intl. Airport, Hyderabad
  • ⦾ Air Liquide
  • ⦾ Randstad
  • ⦾ Mylan Labs
  • ⦾ Larsen & Toubro (L&T – Construction Div)
  • ⦾ United Technologies Co.(Otis, Carrier)
  • ⦾ Deloitte Audit
  • ⦾ Llyods Steel
  • ⦾ Hyundai Motors R&D Team
  • ⦾ Coca-Cola

Mr. Pinaki Chakraborty

Why Count on Learners Point?

Learners Point Academy, as the leading provider of Corporate Finance Course in Dubai, assists professionals in mastering the necessary skillsets for a successful career ahead.

What to expect if you join one of our Corporate Finance Course in Dubai:

  • We look at real-world scenarios organizations face and formulate our Corporate Finance course in Dubai evaluating practical requirements
  • Apart from theoretical knowledge, we also focus on practical case studies to give participants a reality check and insight into what exactly will be asked while they serve in a demanding role
  • Our bespoke Corporate Finance Course in Dubai also equips participants with hands-on experience by offering assignments related to the actual work environment
  • Apart from organising group sessions, we also offer a guided learning experience to enhance the quality of our Corporate Finance course in Dubai
  • We also take a distinct approach to career counselling so that individuals can be successfully placed as a professional

Learners Experience

"The Corporate Finance Training Program was a valuable investment in my future. The program helped me to develop the technical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the finance industry, and it gave me the confidence to pursue my career goals. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their career in finance."

Ruhani Zairi

Chief Financial Officer

"The Corporate Finance Training Program helped me to build a strong network of like-minded professionals in the finance industry. The program provided me with the opportunity to meet and learn from successful finance executives and build lasting connections that have helped me in my career."

Narnia Sebastain

Risk Manager

"The program exceeded my expectations. The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, and the coursework was challenging but manageable. I learned how to analyze financial statements, evaluate investment opportunities, and manage risk. Overall, it was an excellent investment in my professional development."

Murad Johan

Corporate Treasurer

"The instructors were top-notch, and the curriculum was very well-structured. The Corporate Finance Training Program gave me a solid foundation in corporate finance and allowed me to explore various career paths in finance. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to advance their career in finance."

Sariya Grahan

Investment Banker

"The Corporate Finance Training Program was a game-changer for me. It provided me with a comprehensive understanding of financial analysis, investment banking, and mergers and acquisitions. The hands-on training and real-world case studies helped me to develop the skills I needed to succeed in the finance industry."

Wazir Mehmat

Financial Analyst

Our Graduates

Our graduates are from big companies, small, companies, they are founders, career changers and life long learners. Join us and meet your tribe!

FAQs on Corporate Finance Course

The course fee for the Corporate Finance Course in Dubai may vary and lies within the range of AED 600 to AED 17,000.
The Corporate Finance Course in Dubai is delivered in two languages. The languages are as follows:
1) English
2) Arabic
Yes, the certification achieved by individuals after completing the Corporate Finance Course in Dubai is provided by the Corporate Financial Institute (CFI).
What is the salary earned by professionals after completing a Corporate Finance Course in Dubai?
The salary earned by professionals after completing a Corporate Finance Course in Dubai is AED 1,02,000 per annum on average.
Learners Point Academy will issue a full refund if an individual decides not to pursue the programme after registration. However, the refund request should be in writing and submitted within two days of registration. The payment will get processed within four weeks from the date of withdrawal.
There are no additional fees for maintaining the validity of the Corporate Finance Course in Dubai.