Complete Cyber Security Course: Basic to Advanced Mastery

Our Cybersecurity training course covers essential topics for securing digital environments. It begins with fundamental concepts and the threat landscape. Students learn about cybersecurity architecture, governance, and compliance. The course delves into network, operating system, web, and cloud security. Key areas include cryptography, incident response, and ethical hacking. Modules of laws, regulations, and secure coding practices are included. Practical labs with Kali Linux tools provide hands-on experience. This comprehensive training prepares participants for real-world cybersecurity challenges.

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What is The Cybersecurity Course all About?

The Cybersecurity course equips participants with essential skills to secure data, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance. Starting with foundational concepts, it progresses to advanced technologies. Hands-on training covers cloud security, threat analysis, and defence strategies. Designed for all skill levels, the course offers flexible durations and covers topics such as security engineering and software testing. Upon completion, participants are prepared for diverse cybersecurity roles, from system security to incident response.

Why is Enrolling in The Cybersecurity Course Important?

Enrolling in the Cybersecurity course is crucial for learning to detect and contain data breaches, reducing damage costs. The course provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills, enabling you to identify threats, implement security measures, and perform ethical hacking, thereby protecting organisational data and ensuring a robust cybersecurity framework.

How Can a Cybersecurity Course Help You Get Hired by Companies?

The Cybersecurity course enhances your employability by equipping you with technical expertise to combat cyber threats effectively. With comprehensive coverage of system security, cryptography, and network security, participants are equipped to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks proficiently. These sought-after skills are applicable across various industries, from business to defence. Companies value cybersecurity professionals who can safeguard their systems and data, making an individual an attractive candidate for roles in the business, healthcare, legal, defence, and intelligence sectors.

Industry Trends

The rapid expansion in the cybersecurity sector has generated a booming market for analysts, security managers, and technology professionals. Opportunities include identifying threats, implementing defences, and performing ethical hacking to protect organizational data and systems.

Market trends

The growing cybersecurity market, estimated to reach USD 314.28 billion by 2029, highlights the increasing demand for skilled professionals. Completing a Cybersecurity course offers vast opportunities to meet industry needs and enhance career prospects.

Salary Trends

Professionals who have completed a cybersecurity course can look forward to a booming job market with an expected 33% growth by 2030. The growing sector indicates a high demand for professionals with specialised skills leading to competitive salaries, often reaching six figures, depending on experience and location.

Demand & Opportunities

The growing demand for cybersecurity professionals offers significant opportunities. By 2025, the global workforce must expand by nearly 3.5 million. Completing our Cybersecurity course prepares you for this high-demand field, ensuring numerous career prospects.

Individuals who have completed the Cybersecurity course have a plethora of job options that are listed below:

  1. Information Security Analyst
  2. Cybersecurity Consultant
  3. Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst
  4. Ethical Hacker
  5. Network Security Engineer

Course Outcome

Successful completion of the Cybersecurity course can help you to:

  • Understand core cybersecurity concepts, importance, and threat landscape
  • Learn key cyber laws, regulations, and privacy considerations
  • Gain skills in network security, including common attacks and defensive devices
  • Master secure configuration and hardening of various operating systems
  • Identify and mitigate common web vulnerabilities with best practices
  • Conduct ethical hacking and vulnerability assessments using practical tools and techniques

Course Module

  • Introduction to cybersecurity, core definitions, importance and scope.
  • Cybersecurity major milestones and evolution.
  • Cybersecurity threat landscape
  • CIA Triad “Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability”
  • Cybersecurity Architecture
  • Cybersecurity Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Cybersecurity Auditing Concepts
  • Cybersecurity Regulations, Standards and Frameworks
  • Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity: AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) in cybersecurity
  • Introduction to Networking & OSI Model
  • TCP/IP Protocol Suite
  • Common network attacks: DoS/DDoS attacks, Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks, and packet sniffing.
  • Network security devices: Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Proxy, and DNS.          
  • Wireless Security: Wireless Concepts, Wireless Encryption, Wireless Threats, Wireless Attack & Countermeasures
  • Web fundamentals: HTTP/HTTPS, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Common web vulnerabilities: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection, and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF).
  • Web security best practices: Input validation, output encoding, and secure session management.
  • Web application firewalls (WAF) and secure development frameworks.
  • OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities
  • Cloud computing basics: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.
  • Cloud security challenges: Data breaches, insider threats, and shared responsibility model.
  • Cloud security best practices: Encryption, access control, and compliance.
  • Cloud security tools and services: CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) and Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tools.
  • Ethical Hacking: Hacking Methodologies and Frameworks
  • Foot Printing: Footprinting Concepts, Website Footprinting, Email Footprinting, DNS Footprinting, Network Footprinting, and Techniques to Prevent Footprinting
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Vulnerability Concepts, Vulnerability Classification and Assessment Types, Vulnerability Assessment Tools & Techniques, Vulnerability Assessment Report
  • DoS and Session Hijacking: DoS attack & DDoS attack, Common symptoms of DoS/DDoS attack, Categories of DoS/DDoS Attack Vectors, DoS/DDoS detection techniques, Session hijacking, Application level session hijacking, Network level session hijacking
  • IoT and OT Hacking: IoT Concepts, IoT Hacking, IoT Attacks, IoT Security Practices
  • Sniffing & SQL Injections
  • Practical Labs (Demonstration of tools and techniques using Kali Linux)
  • Cyber laws and regulations: GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.
  • Privacy considerations: Data protection, anonymization, and consent.
  • Cybersecurity ethics and professional conduct.
  • Security principles: Least privilege, defense in depth, and others.
  • Authentication mechanisms: Passwords, biometrics, and multi-factor authentication.
  • Access control models: Role-based access control (RBAC), discretionary access control (DAC), and mandatory access control (MAC).
  • OS fundamentals: Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Secure Configuration and Hardening of Operating Systems
  • Security features and configurations: User accounts, permissions, and patch management.
  • Malware types and prevention: Viruses, worms, Trojans, and antivirus software.
  • Secure coding practices: Buffer overflows, input validation, and secure APIs.
  • Cryptography principles: Hash functions, digital signatures, and cryptographic protocols.
  • Types of cryptography: Symmetric cryptography and Asymmetric cryptography
  • Understanding of Hash functions and Digital signatures
  • Attacks on cryptosystems
  • SSL/TLS protocol: Handshake process, certificate authorities, and certificate pinning.
  • Secure email communication: PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions).
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain security.
  • Incident response phases: Preparation, identification, containment, eradication, and recovery.
  • Incident response team roles and responsibilities.
  • Incident response tools and techniques: Forensic analysis, log analysis, and malware analysis.
  • Post-incident review and lessons learned.

Program Dates

27 Jul
  • 10:00 AM
  • Sat
  • Online Live
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Expert Instructors & Teaching Methods

Learners Point has a reputation for high-quality training that makes a difference in people’s lives. We undertake a practical and innovative approach to working closely with businesses to improve their workforce. Our expertise is wide-ranging with ample support from our expert trainers who are globally recognized and hold a diverse set of experiences in their field of expertise. We are proud of our instructors who take ownership of our distinctive and comprehensive training methodologies, help our students imbibe those with ease, and accomplish gracefully.

We at Learners Point believe in encouraging our students to embark upon a journey of lifelong learning and self-development, with the aid of our comprehensive and distinctive courses tailored to current market trends. The manifestation of our career-oriented approach is what we assure through a pleasant professional enriched environment with cutting-edge technology, and an outstanding while highly acknowledged training staff that uses up-to-date methodologies and quality course material. With our aim to mold professionals to be future leaders, our industry expert trainers provide the best in town mentorship to our students while endowing them with the thirst for knowledge and inspiring them to strive for professional and human excellence.

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Why Count on Learners Point?

Learners Point is one of the leading providers of Cybersecurity training. We help aspirants master the necessary skill sets and training to complete the Cybersecurity course. 

The USPs of our Cybersecurity course are listed below:

  • Our Cybersecurity course looks at real-world scenarios organisations face and designs our certification structure per practical requirements
  • We focus on practical case studies to prepare you for real-world challenges in demanding roles
  • Our bespoke Cybersecurity course also equips you with hands-on experience by offering assignments related to the actual work environment
  • We organise group sessions and one-to-one sessions to enhance the quality of our Cybersecurity course
  • We also take a discrete approach to career guidance so that one can be successfully placed as a professional

Learners Experience

"The cybersecurity training at Learners Point Academy has been instrumental in my professional journey. The detailed modules and expert guidance helped me gain a solid foundation in cybersecurity principles. This course has undoubtedly prepared me to face the evolving challenges in the cybersecurity landscape."

Latifa Al Farsi

Information Assurance Consultant

"The cybersecurity course offered a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. The course materials were up-to-date, reflecting the latest advancements in the field. Learners Point Academy provided a supportive learning environment that fostered growth and professional development."

Ahmed Al Nuaimi

Cyber Defense Analyst

"The cybersecurity program at Learners Point Academy exceeded my expectations. The instructors brought a wealth of industry experience, which made the learning process both practical and relevant. I feel much more confident in my role and have already applied many of the techniques learned during the course."

Fatima Al Mansoori

Network Security Engineer

"Attending the cybersecurity course at Learners Point Academy was an enriching experience. The interactive sessions and case studies provided deep insights into current cybersecurity trends and threats. The knowledge I gained has significantly enhanced my ability to safeguard our organization's IT infrastructure."

Mohammed Al Suwaidi

IT Security Specialist

"The cybersecurity course at Learners Point Academy has been a game-changer for my career. The comprehensive curriculum and hands-on labs equipped me with the practical skills necessary to tackle real-world security challenges. I appreciate the expertise and dedication of the instructors who made complex concepts accessible and engaging."

Ayesha Al Zarooni

Information Security Analyst

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FAQs on Complete Cyber Security Course: Basic to Advanced Mastery

The Cybersecurity course caters to a diverse audience, including aspiring cybersecurity professionals, IT practitioners looking to specialize in security, and individuals concerned about protecting digital assets. It is ideal for beginners with a keen interest in cybersecurity as well as seasoned professionals seeking to enhance their expertise.

The course equips you with valuable skills and knowledge sought after in the cybersecurity industry, opening up various career opportunities.

Upon completing the Cybersecurity course, participants will get a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity principles and practices. They will learn to identify and address security threats through hands-on training in areas such as vulnerability assessment, malware threats, and ethical hacking. This training equips individuals with practical skills to safeguard organizational data and systems effectively.

At Learners Point Academy, if a participant doesn’t wish to proceed with the Cybersecurity course after registration due to any reason, he or she is entitled to a 100% refund. However, the refund will be issued only if we are notified in writing within 2 days from the registration date. The refund will be processed within 4 weeks from the day of exit.

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