Executive Secretarial Course

Executive Secretarial Management Training Course Summary

Executive Secretarial / Office Administration is a Business Education subject concerned with the study of administrative principles, policies, procedures and technological competencies governing the modern office environment. Therefore, our content and teaching strategies reflect current trends in the office.

This Course is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to function effectively within a modern office environment. The syllabus adopts a practical approach aimed at equipping students with the technical and professional skills to perform effectively as Secretarial, clerical and administrative support personnel within an organization.


Executive Secretarial Management Training Course Objectives

  • Provide students with the knowledge, skills attitudes and competencies to function in the modern office environment;
  • Develop awareness of the principles, policies, procedures and technological competencies involved in office administration;
  • Develop technical, planning, organizing, management and problem-solving skills necessary for functioning in a modern office environment;
  • Provide students with the capability to adapt to changes that impact the business environment;
  • Help students appreciate the wide range of attitudes, attributes and behaviors necessary for success and advancement in the world of work;
  • Lay the foundation for career development and further studies in the business field.
  • Develop the competency to choose from a wide range of career paths in the business field;
  • Acquire knowledge and skills that would allow them to pursue further education in related fields of business;
  • Acquire skills to conduct self-directed investigations into alternative procedures and systems that may assist in maximizing the output of the office;
  • Develop proper work ethics, social responsibility, and integrity that contribute to promoting a positive image of the organization in which they are employed;
  • Develop the self-esteem and confidence to make an easy transition from school to the world of work.

Course Outcomes

1. Knowledge and Comprehension

The ability to:

(a) state, list and identify facts, information, principles, and procedures;
(b) explain and interpret procedures, actions and situations related administration; to office
(c) use knowledge in familiar contexts.

2. Application

The ability to:

(a) use knowledge in unfamiliar circumstances;
(b) design and complete business documents;
(c) formulate plans for given activities;
(d) develop strategies to solve problems;
(e) compose various types of communicative materials and make inferences

Required Education

ESM certification  supported with a bachelor’s degree

Indicative Job Growth

15% from 2018-2024

Average Annual compensation in UAE

AED 110,000


Executive Secretarial Management Training Course Outline

             Office orientation

  • Ergonomics
  • Types and purpose of equipment used in general and specialized office work.
  • Skills, attitudes and attributes of office personnel.
  • Good human relationships to office efficiency.


  • Various channels of communication used in the office;
  • Factors affecting the selection of communication channel;
  • Factors affecting the flow of communication
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Telephone techniques
  • Office Mail / Dispatches

                    Records and information management

  • Describe the characteristics of an information management system
  • Describe the duties of a records management clerk
  • Maintain a records management system by electronic and other means
  • Outline the procedures for dealing with inactive files;
  • Describe the main legal stipulations governing access to and retention of documents
  • Explain the use of filing equipment and supplies in records and information management
  • differentiate between centralized and departmental records management systems.

                  Reception and hospitality

  • Assess the contribution of the reception desk to the welfare of the Organization
  • Identify the duties and attributes of a receptionist
  • Manage appointments for an executive using electronic or manual systems
  • Explain the importance and use of electronic and manual reminder systems.


  • Define terms associated with business meetings
  • Prepare documents associated with Business Meetings
  • Define the roles of Personnel associated with Business Meetings
  • List various types of meetings
  • Organize different types of meetings
  • outline the follow-up procedures related to decisions made at meetings.

                    Travel arrangements

  • Identify the role of Travel Policy in a company
  • Calculate time based on time differences between countries
  • Outline procedure for making Travel arrangements
  • Explain the importance of making check lists
  • Interpret the needs and design Itineraries
  • Explain the necessity of various travel Documents
  • Determine Security health and culture issues for a travel
  • Determine the Forex requirements

             Customer service

  • Identify the importance of Customer service in an organizations
  • Explain the difference between internal and external customers
  • Identify customer needs and respond with in the SLA frame work
  • Explain what customer delight is
  • Handle angry customers and escalations

             Time Management

  • Explain the benefits of time management
  • Manage self-time
  • Manage Bosses time
  • Planning a perfect day
  • Identifying the Prime time and Prioritizing tasks

               Leadership and Management Skills

  • Explain what is leadership
  • Identify the benefits of Leadership
  • Explain Types of Leadership skills
  • Understand how to develop Leadership skills
  • Identify the difference between Leader and a Manager

              Business English

             Computers & MS Office

Professional Who Can Benefit from Executive Secretarial Management Training Course

  • Office supporting staff
  • Administrative assistants
  • Anyone aspiring to become office secretaries and personal assistants.
  • Entry-level and working secretaries
  • Office Administrators
  • Office Managers
  • Office Assistants
  • Executive Secretaries
  • Personal Assistants

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