Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course

The Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course helps professionals with a comprehensive understanding of income statements, balance sheets, and cash-flow statements. Here, it is not required for professionals to have a finance background. The curriculum focuses on the relationship between everyday practices and their influence on crucial financial statements. This helps professionals from non-finance backgrounds to make accurate decisions. It provides a unique opportunity for non-finance professionals to understand the vital link between their actions and their financial outcomes.

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What is This Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course All About?

The Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course is designed for individuals wanting to learn about income statements, balance sheets, and cash-flow statements. This program is created specifically for non-finance professionals. This program facilitates a better understanding of how decisions influence key financial elements.

Why is This Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course Important?

Participants who complete the Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course are equipped with the skills needed to analyze financial statements. Without the need for a strong financial background, it promotes a bigger understanding of a company's financial picture.

How Can a Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course Help You Get Hired by Top Companies?

The Finance for Non-Finance Managers Course serves as an ideal medium to acquire essential knowledge in business finance. It comprises critical subjects like budgeting, financial analysis, and forecasting. It simplifies complex financial concepts. It makes them accessible to individuals from diverse professional backgrounds.

Industry Trends

The Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course is for professionals from various functional areas beyond finance, such as sales, marketing, human resources, research and development, and production. It aims to bridge the gap between diverse professional sectors and financial understanding. It enables participants to make informed decisions in their respective roles and industries.

Market trends

In today’s corporate landscape, a solid grasp of finance becomes a decisive advantage for career progression. Enrolling in a Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course can provide the necessary edge to navigate the complexities of financial aspects, thus enhancing career prospects.

Salary Trends

Undertaking a Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course helps professionals with the knowledge necessary to make impactful financial contributions within their roles. This potentially elevates their earning potential. 

These are some of the salaries earned by professionals in the MENA region:

  • Saudi Arabia: SAR 10,400 to SAR 17,400 monthly 
  • Dubai: AED 45,000 monthly
  • Kuwait: 1300 KWD-3740 KWD

Lucrative job opportunities are available across the region and other global locations as well for certified professionals with this course across industries. 

Demand & Opportunities

Every business decision, whether direct or indirect, has financial implications. In the current uncertain landscape, lacking the requisite skill set can pose significant risks. The completion of the Finance for Non-Finance Managers Course assures competence in related roles. It helps mitigate risks and make career opportunities more accessible. 

Some of the in-demand job roles are listed below:

  1. Job Managers and Group Leaders
  2. Divisional and Department Heads
  3. HR Heads
  4. Heads of Method and Preparation
  5. IT Heads as well as Supervisors

Course Outcome

The successful completion of a Finance for Non-Finance Managers Course can help you to do the following:

  • Understand a wide array of financial terms and principles
  • Learn to apply financial concepts and policies in decision-making processes.
  • Understand how managing working capital impacts a company’s cash flow.
  • Gain knowledge to manage organizational operations efficiently through budget management,  and controlling the impact of daily business activities on a company’s productivity.
  • Learn to communicate effectively with financial executives and top management

Course Module

  • Understanding the Role of Finance in Business
  • Key Financial Terminologies and Concepts
  • The Importance of Financial Literacy for Non-Finance Managers
  • Basics of Budgeting and its Significance for Non-Finance Managers
  • Creating and Managing Budgets
  • Understanding the Forecasting Process and its Relevance Health
  • Evaluating Investment Opportunities (Payback Period, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return)
  • Understanding the Concept of the Time Value of Money
  • Making informed Investment Decisions
  • Identifying and Assessing Financial Risks in Business
  • Techniques for Managing Financial Risks (hedging, insurance, diversification)
  • The Role of Non-Finance Managers in Risk Mitigation
  • Effective Communication of Financial Information to Stakeholders
  • Tailoring Financial Reports for Different Audiences
  • Transparency and Ethical Considerations in Financial Reporting
  • Importance of Corporate Governance in Financial Management
  • Ethical Considerations in Financial Decision-Making
  • Aligning Financial Practices with Corporate Values
  • Overview of Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement)
  • Interpreting Financial Statements to Assess a Company's Financial
  • Ratio Analysis and its Application for Decision-Making
  • Types of Costs in a Business (fixed, variable, direct, indirect)
  • Cost Behavior and Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
  • Cost Control and Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Creating a Financial Plan Aligned with Organizational Goals
  • Financial Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Analyzing Financial Data to Support Strategic Decision-Making
  • Understanding Working Capital and its Significance
  • Techniques to Optimize Working Capital (inventory management, accounts receivable, accounts payable)
  • Balancing Liquidity and Profitability
  • Overview of Corporate Finance Principles
  • Capital Structure and its Impact on a Company's Financial Position
  • Financial Considerations in Strategic Decision-Making
  • Real-World Case Studies Illustrating Financial Challenges and Solutions
  • Hands-on Exercises and Simulations for Practical Application of Concepts

Program Dates

21 Apr
  • 03:00 PM
  • Sun
  • Classroom
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28 Apr
  • 03:00 PM
  • Sun
  • Online Live
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Expert Instructors & Teaching Methods

Dr Srinivas is a leading industry professional in the field of finance and accounting. He is an established corporate trainer with demonstrated experience in his field. He is the holder of some of the world’s most valued professional credentials such as CMA, CPA, PMP, CCA, CFE, etc. He has an extensive educational background as well in finance which establishes his mettle in designing, developing and delivering excellent training programs. His training records mark exceptional results in guiding and teaching professionals of all experience levels and from diversified backgrounds. He integrates his excellent presentation skills with the knowledge of educational theories and methodologies to provide onsite and virtual training that is of unparalleled quality. His high community services contribution also ascertains his commitment to training potential aspirants to become tomorrow’s professionals.


  • ⦾ Ph.D. in Management, 2018 (Provisional yet to be received) OPJS University, India
  • ⦾ M.Sc. in Applied Psychology 2016, Bhartiyar University, India
  • ⦾ MBA in Finance 2012, Nagarjuna University, India
  • ⦾ LLB 1998, Osmania University, India
  • ⦾ M.Com 1994, Osmania University, India
  • ⦾ B. Com 1990, Osmania University, India


Professional Qualifications


  • ⦾ Certified Public Accountant, (CPA), The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, U.S.A
  • ⦾ Certified Management Accountant, (CMA), The Institute of Management Accountants, USA
  • ⦾ Certified Fraud Examiner, (CFE), Association of Fraud Examiners, USA
  • ⦾ Certified Cost Accountant (ICWA-Inter), The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India, India
  • ⦾ Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute

Dr. Srinivas, PhD, MSc, MBA, LLB, CMA, CPA, PMP

Why Count on Learners Point?

As one of the leading providers of the Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course, Learners Point is dedicated to helping professionals acquire the necessary skill sets and experience to complete the course.

Here are the USPs of our Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course:

  • Our course is formulated based on real-world scenarios that organisations face, ensuring practical relevance and application.
  • In addition to theoretical knowledge, our course emphasises practical case studies, providing you with a realistic understanding of the expectations and demands of a challenging role. 
  • Our bespoke Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course includes hands-on assignments that simulate natural work environments, giving you valuable practical experience.
  • We offer both group sessions and one-to-one sessions to cater to different learning preferences, ensuring the highest quality of our training program.
  • Our approach includes discreet career guidance to support your professional placement and ensure successful career advancement as a certified management accountant.

Learners Experience

“I emerged from the course equipped with practical financial skills, adding value to project planning and decision-making. Truly beneficial for non-finance professionals."

Mira Bain

Operations Executive

"The Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course demystified financial jargon, enabling me to communicate effectively with executives. A game-changer for my career!"

Mahek Shah


"I approached the course with minimal finance knowledge, but now I confidently analyze reports, aiding strategic decisions in my HR role. Remarkable course!"

Abish Sen

HR Manager

“As a marketing professional, this course clarified the financial intricacies, enabling me to align campaigns with budgetary considerations. Invaluable insights gained!"

Ravisha Naik

Sales Executive

"The Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course broadened my understanding of financial statements, empowering me to contribute meaningfully to my department's budget planning. Highly recommended!"

Savi Baktiyar

Project Manager

Our Graduates

Our graduates are from big companies, small, companies, they are founders, career changers and life long learners. Join us and meet your tribe!

FAQs on Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course

There are no prerequisites for enrolling in Finance for Non-Finance Managers Course.
The passing marks required to score in the Finance for Non-Finance Managers course is 18 out of 25 (i.e.72%).
The Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course ensures a clear grasp of fundamental financial concepts, unravelling procedures, and elucidating financial reports like Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets.
These professionals can apply for the Finance for Non-Finance Managers course. The list is as follows:

1) Business Development Manager
2) Procurement Manager
3) Financial Analyst
4) Costs Lawyer
5) Financial planner
The exam format of the Finance for Non-Finance Managers course is as follows:

1) Multiple Choice
2) 25 Questions
The exam duration of the Finance for Non-Finance Managers course is 60 minutes.
The Finance For Non-Finance Managers Course is instrumental in providing a comprehensive understanding of financial aspects. It enables individuals to comprehend management actions and make judicious decisions beneficial to their projects and the organization.
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