Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is transforming our physical world into a complex and dynamic system of connected devices on an unprecedented scale. This Internet of Things course in Dubai delivers an overview of exciting and relevant technical concepts essential to professionals in the IoT industry.

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What is this Internet of Things (IoT) course all about?

This IoT course is designed to enable participants to leverage their business and/or technical knowledge across IoT-related functions in the workplace. This comprehensive IoT training covers in-depth concepts such as IoT framework, IoT ecosystem, IoT solution architecture, networking protocols, and application layer protocols. This course offers real-life demo and case studies to help participants master IoT technology.

Why is getting trained on IoT important?

Internet of Things is now becoming an increasingly growing topic of conversation, it is an outstanding subject to emerge out new opportunities. By getting trained on IoT, one gains a better understanding of the complexities of IoT and its technical challenges, acquiring a holistic view of IoT. The IoT training provides excellent scope for aspiring professionals to bloom in this field. 



Why do companies hire professionals with IoT certification?

Internet of Things has great importance in the future market as everything today is based on the internet and smart devices. Organizations are mainly targeting this network across the globe, hiring candidates with hands-on experience in IoT. The IoT-certified professionals often stand out for their up-to-date knowledge and skills providing a competitive advantage over other members. 

Industry Trends

loT is adapting at a great pace and getting more attention. As per today’s trends in the market, IoT is dominating all other industries. The Internet of Things IoT certification comes with its own set of merits and opportunities in the market. Let us see how.



Market trends

IoT skill in different areas of the IT sector or organizations helps in achieving good career growth. As Dubai is an economic and financial center that links the Middle East, Africa, and even South Asia, it acts as a base for big players of IoT internationally. The Internet of Things (IoT) market in the Middle East and Africa is expected to grow 15 % this year creating numerous opportunities for IoT-trained professionals. 



Salary Trends

The IoT skills help professionals in getting a good salary and designation across industries. High salaries are being paid to IoT expertise people. An IoT professional in Dubai typically earns around 21,600 AED per month. Their salaries range from 10,800 AED to 35,800 AED per month. These professionals in the United Arab Emirates are likely to observe a salary increase of approximately 9% every 16 months.

Demand & Opportunities

The IoT sector is gearing up in its unprecedented influence in the world across various industries. The IoT adoption has increased rapidly and organizations are looking for people with the right skills. The Internet of Things certification gives an assurance of the necessary competency in related roles, thus making these opportunities easier to avail.

A few of the most-sought IoT jobs available in the Dubai region (as observed in popular Dubai job portals) follow:

  1. IoT Engineers/Architects research, build, test, and document state-of-the-art IoT solutions with integrated electronics and firmware development

  2. Cyber Risk IoT Lead Consultants identify and evaluate complex business and technology risks and remediation methods to mitigate risks

  3. IoT Web Development Engineers develop local IoT device software that includes monitoring, execution, and self-healing processes

  4. IoT Gateway Developers develop stable gateway's applications that supply connectivity to a local mesh network in construction sites and connect IoT-based devices to the cloud

  5. IoT Solutions Architects typically works with engineers and salespeople to facilitate process development by developing practical uses and applications of internet of things technology


Course Outcome

Successful completion of the Internet of Things course will help you to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the IoT

  • Understand the definition and significance of the Internet of Things

  • Discuss the architecture, operation, and business benefits of an IoT solution

  • Examine the potential business opportunities that IoT can uncover

  • Start to grow the seeds of IoT ideas within your field and area of expertise

Course Module

  • Basic knowledge of computer networking and protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, and many more
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript
  • Understanding of cloud computing, databases, and data analytics
  • Drivers of IoT
  • Benefits of a Connected World
  • IoT Business: Opportunities, Benefits, and Challenges
  • IoT Monetization Strategies and Models
  • Role of Social Media and Mobility in IoT
  • Defining SMACT
  • Role of Big Data and Analytics in IoT
  • Role of Cloud Computing in IoT
  •  IoT Usage Scenarios
  •  IoT Growth Perspectives
  •  IoT Future Predictions
  • Introduction: Internet, Things, and IoT
  • IoT Types, History and Evolution of IoT
  • Cyber-Physical Systems and Differences Among IoE, M2M, and IoT
  •  Facts and Figures Around IoT and IoT Application Areas
  • Architecture of IoT Components
  • Network Protocols Within IoT
  • IoT Security Challenges
  • Causes of IoT Security Breaches
  • IoT Security Risks

Program Dates

28 Jul
  • 02:00 PM
  • Sun
  • Classroom
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Expert Instructors & Teaching Methods

We take immense pride in our skilled instructors and trainers who excel in their chosen fields. Our trainers are globally recognised for their expertise and experience.Learners Point adopts a data driven research approach to learning so the experience is highly customizable and thoroughly engaging for learners from all walks of life. The sessions are classroom-based and led by an instructor. For those who seek more flexibility, we also offer high quality live and interactive sessions online.


Our Trainers

We take immense pride in our skilled instructors and trainers who teach the Finance for Non-Finance course at Learns Point. Our trainers are globally recognized for their expertise and experience in various aspects of financial fields. Many of our instructors have worked in companies around the globe and have a lot of practical experience to share with the students. We at Learners Point adopt a data-driven research approach to learning and teaching so the experience is highly customizable and thoroughly engaging for learners from all walks of life. The sessions are classroom-based and led by an instructor. For those who seek more flexibility, we also offer high quality live and interactive sessions online.

We at Learners Point believe in encouraging our students to embark upon a journey of lifelong learning and self-development, with the aid of our comprehensive and distinctive courses tailored to current market trends. The manifestation of our career-oriented approach is what we assure through a pleasant professional enriched environment with cutting-edge technology, and an outstanding while highly acknowledged training staff that uses up-to-date methodologies and quality course material. With our aim to mold professionals to be future leaders, our industry expert trainers provide the best in town mentorship to our students while endowing them with the thirst for knowledge and inspiring them to strive for professional and human excellence.

Our Trainer

Mr Prashant Uppuluri is an experienced Cybersecurity professional having more than 14 years of experience as a Solutions Architect, Systems Engineer, Professional Services Consultant, and Technical Solutions Expert. He is a dynamic leader whose input has helped many organizations to function effectively. Mr Uppuluri’s immense experience in solutions architecture, system engineering, and consultancy has helped him succeed in the field of learning and development. He graduated in computer science & engineering from a premium institution in India. He has won several certifications in the form of Quest Certified Engineer, Dell Certified Engineer, Sophos Certified Engineer, and many others. With a passion for inspiring young minds and a wealth of knowledge in his subject area, he has helped countless students excel academically and professionally. Mr Uppuluri believes in creating a positive and inclusive classroom environment where all students feel valued and supported. His teaching style is interactive and engaging, and he uses different instructional techniques to cater to different learning styles. Whether it is in the classroom or beyond, Mr Uppuluri believes in helping students achieve their full potential and become successful, well-rounded individuals.

Work Experience

  • ⦾ Solution Architect, First Video Communications, Dubai
  • ⦾ Systems Engineer, Starlink, Dubai
  • ⦾ Professional Services Consultant, Starlink, Dubai
  • ⦾ Presales Lead, Hedges Information Technology, Dubai
  • ⦾ Technical Consultant, Al Reyami Technologies, Dubai
  • ⦾ Technical Solutions Consultant, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dubai
  • ⦾ Advanced Resolution Expert, Dell


Professional Certifications


  • ⦾ Acronis Certified Engineer
  • ⦾ Veeam Certified Engineer
  • ⦾ Quest Certified Engineer
  • ⦾ Dell Certified Engineer
  • ⦾ ITIL v3
  • ⦾ Sophos Certified Engineer
  • ⦾ Certified HP- T17
  • ⦾ Certified HP- T16 -Industry Standard Architecture and Technology
  • ⦾ VMware VTSP 5
  • ⦾ Symantec Endpoint Specialist
  • ⦾ Project Management Professional

Mr Prashant Uppuluri

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Why Count on Learners Point?

Being the leading providers of the Internet of Things IoT course in Dubai, at Learners Point we help professionals master the necessary skill sets to successfully complete the Train the Trainer certification.

Following are the USPs our Internet of Things IoT training course offers you:

  • We look at real-world scenarios organizations face and formulate our Internet of Things IoT training course evaluating practical requirements
  •  Apart from theoretical knowledge, we also focus on practical case studies to give you a reality check and insight into what exactly will be asked of you while delivering in a demanding role
  • Our bespoke IoT course also equips you with hands-on experience by offering assignments related to the actual work environment
  • Apart from organizing group sessions, we also offer a guided learning experience to enhance the quality of our Internet of Things training program
  •  We also take a discrete approach to career guidance so that one can be successfully placed as a professional

Learners Experience

"IoT is reshaping industries, and I wanted to be a part of it. After completing this course, I'm now an IoT Consultant, helping businesses leverage IoT for improved efficiency and innovation."

Olia Nur

IoT Data Analyst

"IoT is the future, and this program helped me get ahead. The practical skills I gained, like data analytics and sensor integration, have made me a sought-after IoT Solutions Architect."

Khalil Ahsan

IoT Project Manager

"The IoT program was a fantastic journey. The instructors were knowledgeable, and the hands-on labs were invaluable. I'm proud to say that I can create IoT applications and have landed a job as an IoT Developer."

Luan Shi

IoT Consultant

"Studying IoT was a game-changer for my career. I learned to build IoT solutions from scratch and got hands-on experience with real-world projects. I'm now working on cutting-edge IoT projects for a leading tech company."

Idris Ali

IoT Solutions Architect

"The IoT course completely transformed my perspective on technology. I now have the skills to design smart devices and connect them to the internet. This program has opened up a world of opportunities for me."

Ismail Akhtar

IoT Developer

Our Graduates

Our graduates are from big companies, small, companies, they are founders, career changers and life long learners. Join us and meet your tribe!

FAQs on Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT sector in the UAE is gearing up with its unprecedented influence in the market. Besides being an authoritative job profile, IoT is one of the most interesting industries to work in currently in the UAE. With the ‘Smart Dubai’ initiative, IoT is one of the most lucrative sectors currently following Data Science in the UAE.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at a rapid rate, and it is becoming increasingly important for professionals to understand it. This IoT course offers a deep understanding of the fundamentals, architecture, and decision framework of IoT and helps professionals have a promising career.
To enroll in this Internet of Things course in Dubai, participants are recommended to have basic IT knowledge, including an understanding of basic communication protocols.
At Learners Point, if a participant doesn’t wish to proceed with the training after the registration due to any reason, he or she is entitled to a 100% refund. However, the refund will be issued only if we are notified in writing within 2 days from the date of registration. The refund will be processed within 4 weeks from the day of exit.
The contemporary IoT job market is growing at a great pace with the increase in demand for skilled engineers and tech professionals who can serve the connectivity of billions of connected devices. Hence making IoT a great career choice for professionals seeking a promising career in the future.
The Internet of Things course is highly recommended for current and aspiring:
1)IT professionals
2)Electrical and Electronics Engineers
3)Solution architects
4)Existing and budding entrepreneurs keen to build smart solutions for customers
5)Fresh graduates who meet the prerequisite criteria
The training sessions at Learners Point are interactive, immersive, and intensive hands-on programs. We offer 3 modes of delivery and participants can choose from instructor-led classroom-based group coaching, one-to-one training session, or high-quality live and interactive online sessions as per convenience.
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