Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai

Build yourself to negotiate effectively with our Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai. This 16-hour course has been accredited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority. Our course provides a deep ​​understanding of negotiation strategy and skills. It equips professionals with the skills and knowledge for clear communication, to achieve business goals and build strong relationships. Candidates can structure and execute complex negotiations with ease. We help our learners to become expert negotiators in the business world. By the end of the course, candidates can get lucrative job opportunities in diverse industries.

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  • 16 Hours Training
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What is The Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai All About?

The Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai offers professionals an in-depth knowledge of building negotiation strategies. The immersive course module includes negotiation exercises, an analysis of business cases and a discussion of challenges. It helps participants take up challenging roles and derive insightful negotiation strategies.

Why is The Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai Important?

The Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai enhances a candidate's proficiency in building efficient negotiation strategies with judicious planning and systematic thinking. This course helps learners become expert negotiators. It also plays a crucial part in driving the success of businesses and landing demanding job profiles.

How Does the Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai Help You Get Hired by Companies?

Companies demand negotiators who have completed the Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai. Trained specialists can understand the situation and outline strategies and tactics for successful negotiations. Business leaders value their credibility for building, maintaining, and improving important workplace relationships.

Industry Trends

Our Negotiation Skills course in Dubai offers valuable skills for today's business world. Industry trends highlight the demand for negotiation expertise. Certification opens doors to career advancement, better deals, and enhanced business relationships.

Market trends

Our Negotiation Skills course in Dubai addresses the increasing demand for negotiation abilities in various industries. Studies show it's a top talent globally. Professionals with these skills can expect promising job opportunities.

Salary Trends

Our Negotiation Skills course in Dubai equips professionals with in-demand abilities. With rising demand globally, salary packages are impressive. Top-notch organizations seek skilled negotiators, offering lucrative career opportunities in diverse sectors.

Demand & Opportunities

The scope of negotiation skills is significantly increasing. It provides many essential benefits that can make a difference in a variety of circumstances. The Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai gives an assurance of the necessary competency in related roles and makes opportunities easier to avail.

A few of the most popular profession that requires negotiation skills available in Dubai are as follows:

  1. Management Professionals
  2. Marketing Professionals 
  3. Customer Service Professionals 
  4. Real Estate Professionals 
  5. Law Professionals

Course Outcome

Successful completion of the Negotiation Skills Course In Dubai will help you in the following ways:

  • Understand negotiation dynamics and uncertainty preparation
  • Develop strategies for negotiation
  • Decide when and how to negotiate effectively
  • Categorise and prioritise negotiation issues
  • Define tactical and emotional aspects of negotiations
  • Secure maximum value for your organisation and yourself

Course Module

  •  Identify the qualities of successful and unsuccessful negotiators
  • Define negotiation and provide examples of when you have negotiated in and outside work
  • Identify a negotiation situation you will practice during class
  • Explain how to choose a negotiation strategy based on relationship and results
  • Define positional bargaining
  • Identify the differences between " Soft" and " Hard" negotiating
  • Define principled negotiation
  • Identify the four steps in the negotiation process
  • Explain how to create a positive first impression
  • Explain the importance of "small talk" and finding common ground in negotiation
  • Explain how setting ground rules can influence a negotiation
  • Identify important negotiation ground rules
  • Explain strategies to bring your opponent from NO to YES
  • Identify strategies to deal with negative emotions
  • Explain the benefits of knowing personality styles
  • Explain the behaviors as well as the strengths/weaknesses of each personality style
  • Identify your own personality style
  • Identify how to work more effectively with each personality style while negotiating
  • Identify fears and " hot buttons " as well as strategies to overcome them
  • Identify areas to research on your side and on your opponent's side
  • Define your BATNA (best alternative to a negotiation agreement), WATNA (worst alternative to a negotiation agreement), WAP (walk away point), and ZOPA (zone of possible agreement)
  • Skill practice: Prepare for your personal negotiation situation
  • Explain how to initially exchange information
  • Identify contingency plans for unfavorable situations
  • Explain bargaining techniques
  • Explain strategies for inventing options for mutual gain
  • Explain how to move from bargaining to closing
  • Explain the closing process
  • Practice your personal negotiation situation and get feedback from other participants

Program Dates

20 Apr
  • 02:00 PM
  • Sat
  • Classroom
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27 Apr
  • 02:00 PM
  • Sat
  • Classroom
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Expert Instructors & Teaching Methods

Mr. Tatek is a Certified Trainer and Executive Coach who has worked on multiple assignments including Leadership Development, Behavioral Training and Talent Management, with deep domain expertise in developing Human Capital. He is a T&D expert with over 15 years of comprehensive experience in consulting with leaders and decision-makers to improve business effectiveness and engage employees. Tatek, who brings about 20 years of relevant experience in the MENA region is a real people person passionate about using his strength and knowledge to train and help professionals grow. Mr Tatek’s experience in the banking, management & consultancy, and the learning & development industry has helped him make a mark for himself in the L&D field. He regularly works with senior executives, corporates, and at the same time, individual clients. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with a specialisation in Public Administration and Development Management, Mr Tatek has worked closely with the KHDA & CPD and delivered training programs across all levels of management. Mr Tatek is a genuinely exceptional communicator recognised for presenting complex topics with clarity, creativity and enthusiasm.

Work Experience

  • ⦾ Soft Skills Trainer & Senior Corporate Training Manager, Learners Point  Academy, Dubai, UAE
  • ⦾ Customer Service Manager, Western Union Money Transfer, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • ⦾ Managing Partner, Quantum Consultancy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Core Competencies


  • ⦾ Strategising on training framework spanning need analysis, mapping training requirements, gap bridging, content development and delivery to develop an efficient workforce and motivated employees who can achieve maximum productivity for fast-growing organisations
  • ⦾ Measuring training effectiveness
  • ⦾ Create training policies, procedures, and metrics and ensure their alignment with organisational goals
  • ⦾ Liaising with training bodies like KHDA and CPD
  • ⦾ Developing learning strategies that incorporate skills & knowledge
  • ⦾ Innovative training and coaching techniques and delivery style
  • ⦾ Conducting TNA using the Stop/Start & Continue methods

Tatek Abayneh Mebratu

Learners Point Certificate

Earn a Course Completion Certificate, an official Learners Point credential that confirms that you have successfully completed a course with us.

KHDA Certificate

Earn a KHDA attested Course Certificate. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is the educational quality assurance and regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Why Count on Learners Point?

Being the leading providers of the best Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai, at Learners Point we help professionals master the necessary skill sets to earn the Negotiation Skills training certification successfully.

Following are the USPs our Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai offers you:

  • We look at real-world scenarios organisations face and formulate our Negotiation Skills course evaluating practical requirements
  • Apart from theoretical knowledge, we also focus on practical case studies to give you a reality check and insight into what exactly will be asked of you while delivering in a demanding role
  • Our bespoke Negotiation Skills course also equips you with hands-on experience by offering assignments related to the actual work environment
  • Apart from organising group sessions, we also offer a guided learning experience to enhance the quality of our Negotiation Skills course
  • We also take a discrete approach to career guidance so that one can be successfully placed as a professional

Learners Experience

"The Negotiation Skills Course at Learners Point Academy was incredibly beneficial. As a Senior Consultant, negotiation skills are essential. This course provided me with practical strategies that I've already started applying in my daily interactions."

Fatima Ahmed

Supply Chain Manager

"The Negotiation Skills Course at Learners Point Academy exceeded my expectations. As a Financial Analyst, negotiation is a crucial skill. This course provided me with a comprehensive framework and actionable strategies to negotiate with confidence."

Mohammad Al-Hamadi,

Senior Consultant

“The Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai at Learners Point Academy exceeded my expectations. The case studies have helped me to practise my knowledge and skills. The course helped me to develop professionally. Overall, I had a great experience with this training.”

Amir Al Qadri

Business Manager

"Enrolling in the Negotiation Skills Course at Learners Point Academy was a wise decision. As a Supply Chain Manager, negotiation is fundamental. The practical tools and techniques gained have strengthened my negotiation capabilities."

Ahmed Ali

Financial Analyst

“The course was very beneficial for me. The course covers A to Z about how to negotiate. The systematic course modules helped me to build my skills step by step. The trainer is very friendly and helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses.”

Sarah Obaid

Law Professional

Our Graduates

Our graduates are from big companies, small, companies, they are founders, career changers and life long learners. Join us and meet your tribe!

FAQs on Negotiation Skills

Engaging in the Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai equips you with analytical tools and interpersonal techniques to navigate diverse bargaining styles effectively. Mastering negotiation best practices empowers you to excel in challenging roles, gaining a competitive edge.

No prerequisites are needed for the Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai. It's open to all professionals seeking to enhance their negotiation abilities. Join the best negotiation training in Dubai without any prior qualifications.

At Learners Point Academy, if a participant doesn’t wish to proceed with the Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai after registration due to any reason, he or she is eligible for a 100% refund. However, the refund will be issued only if we are notified in writing within 2 days from the date of registration. The refund will be processed within 4 weeks from the day of exit.

The  Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai employs a combination of interactive lectures, case studies, role-playing exercises, and group discussions to ensure a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Learners Point offers 3 types of classes for the Negotiation Skills Course in Dubai. Students can choose between one of the following:

1)One-on-one training sessions
2)Instructor-led classroom-based group coaching
3)High-quality live and interactive online sessions