PHRi Certification in Saudi Arabia

The PHRi Certification in Saudi Arabia is designed for HR professionals to handle daily responsibilities such as hiring, administration and other HRM tasks. It assesses HR operations worldwide. It is tailored for experienced professionals well-versed in HR program implementation and practices.

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What is This PHRi Certification in Saudi Arabia All About?

The PHRi Certification targets HR professionals seeking global career advancements. It covers a spectrum of HR areas, including policies, hiring processes, and compliance standards. The curriculum involves training in Talent Acquisition, HR Administration, and HR Information Management.

Why Getting Trained for the PHRi Certification Important?

The PHRi Certification in Saudi Arabia caters to individuals aspiring for various HR roles. It serves as a testament to their competence and expertise in HR. Through this course, individuals gain insight into HR policies, hiring procedures, and company regulations. This certification distinguishes them, particularly in areas like Talent Management, HR Generalist roles, and Core HR functions.

Why Do Companies Hire Professionals With the  PHRi Certification in Saudi Arabia?

Proficient HR staff are crucial for companies. The PHRi Certification serves as evidence of their expertise. This certification ensures HR professionals possess the necessary knowledge to navigate the evolving work landscape in Saudi Arabia and other locations worldwide.

Industry Trends

Achieving the PHRi Certification in Saudi Arabia unlocks promising avenues for career growth. Professionals with the PHRi Certification demonstrate their expertise in universally recognized HR principles within a global framework, keeping abreast of industry developments and trends. 

Market trends

The PHRi Certification in Saudi Arabia embodies adjustments prompted by COVID-19. Technology becomes crucial in ensuring data security in remote work setups. The growing preference for online assessments and virtual recruitment sees a remarkable surge in the demand for virtual hiring technologies. These transformations offer global opportunities for PHRi professionals in Saudi Arabia.

Salary Trends

Possessing a PHRi Certification in Saudi Arabia holds substantial value for HR professionals. It signifies a profound understanding of HR principles and skills, often leading to enhanced remuneration. Individuals with this certification earn an average of SAR 145,000 to 258,000 per year, depending on the role. Reports indicate that certified HR professionals observe an average 9.6% salary increase and a higher number of job opportunities.

Demand & Opportunities

In Saudi Arabia, holding a PHRi Certification is highly valued. It signifies a comprehensive understanding of HR policies, hiring regulations, and business compliance. This certification unlocks opportunities for prestigious HR positions in Saudi Arabia. 

These are a few of the most sought-after PHRi positions after completion of the PHRi Certification. The positions are as follows:

  1. Talent Acquisition Specialist
  2. Compliance Officer
  3. Training and Development Manager
  4. Compensation Analyst
  5. HR Consultant

Course Outcome

Successful completion of a PHRi Certification can help you to: 

  • Cultivate connections within and outside the organization to foster a comprehensive network.
  • Acquire knowledge in workforce planning, job description and effective onboarding processes.
  • Manage the spectrum of recruitment, from sourcing talent to conducting orientations
  • Gain an understanding of pay structures, benefits administration, and legal regulations governing the HR landscape.
  • Evaluate workplace environments, and effectively oversee the process of employee terminations.

Course Module

  • Preparing the most accurate & up-to-date job description in partnership with the hiring manager.
  • Finding, suggesting, and implementing the most efficient yet cost-effective hiring strategies for hiring managers.
  • Analyzing & shortlisting the submitted applications with hiring managers.
  • Partnering with the hiring manager right from the first step of the candidate's interview, offer to make till job acceptance.
  • To measure the organization’s development program’s success there are Administered measurement tools.
  • Process for creating and revising new and current job opportunities respectively, and improvising the competencies.
  • To identify and develop employees for the key positions and design a support succession planning program.
  • Administer and monitor employee participation and involvement in organizational activities.
  • A keen eye on organizational strategies and performance if it is helpful to achieve the goals and objectives.
  • New learning and development programs to ensure the employee growth of the organization.
  • Ensure the compliance of safety Guidelines with the help of safety incident investigations
  • Provide advisory to High authorities about proper and fair practices to ensure a fair and consistent work environment.
  • Educate employees about organizational policies to maintain internal comprehension.
  • Timely HR audit to ensure the compliance of internal and external HR policies.
  • Ensure steady employee grievance handling to maintain a healthy workplace environment. Also, support proper security policies and disaster management protocols that ensure better workplace safety and continuity.
  • Ensuring accuracy & data integrity by maintaining personnel files and records.
  • Creating a positive and friendly working atmosphere, by listening to and solving employee’s requests and concerns.
  • Updating records for employee’s status change, for ex: salary increments/cuts, transfers, promotions, terminations, etc.
  • Monitoring work hours of employees with the track of their leaves, according to their chart of paid/allowed leaves. Aligning this data with appropriate pay policies.
  • To ensure successful employee integration, coordinate new hire activities with the hiring manager & various teams.
  • Initiate the employee offboarding process by separating the employee based on task completion.
  • Supporting the organization-wide communication, resulting in proper updates & employee engagement.
  • Manage & maintain organizational charts to ensure the fulfilment of the requirements.
  • Organize data about compensation & benefits in such a way that it can be provided to the employee.
  • A compensation analysis is needed to hire and retain new talent.
  • An organisational rewards program is needed to enhance employee engagement and experience.
  • Ensure the awareness of the employee about the benefits and internal appreciation.
  • Ensure equality in the salary structure and other benefits, as per the job requirements.
  • Strategic evaluations are recommended for employee evaluation and brand.
  • Identify the processes that can be automated with mapping and validation of the employees, this ensures the proper implementation of the procedure.
  • Design new processes that can align with the current organizational policies with the help of user requirements.
  • Generate statistics and reports to support organizational initiatives.
  • Change management efforts should be supported by HR till user acceptance.
  • Ensure compliance and data integrity by monitoring user access rights and security measures.
  • Keep proper communication with tech support to ensure the smooth functioning of HRIS and solve the issues raised by employees.
  • Identify and fill the gap between the automation process for smooth and effective operations.

Program Dates

24 May
  • 03:00 PM
  • Fri
  • Online Live
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Expert Instructors & Teaching Methods

Ashraf Shawky is a seasoned training professional with over 15 years of extensive experience working with leading organizations in the UAE and MENA region. He began his career as an Assistant Manager with Oberoi Group in Egypt. He then worked at Americana as the Training and Development Manager. He has also worked as the Senior Human Resources Manager for Emirates Flight Catering and as the Human Resources & Development Manager for the Faisal Jassim Group. Ashraf Shawky has successfully delivered training programmes on HR, managerial, and supervisory soft skills topics like Entrepreneurship, HR Administration and Policies, Leadership Skills, Strategic Management, Balanced Score Card, Train the Trainer, Root Cause Analysis, Building Self-esteem and many more. He has also developed and delivered training workshops for leading organizations such as Emirates Foundation, Jumeirah Group, ADNEC, Emirates Post, and Dynamic Hospitality Group. Ashraf Shawky uses his extensive practical industry experience to deliver a complete and effective learning experience, adapt to various learners' profiles, specifically UAE Nationals, and equip them with the latest best-in-class on-job application.

Educational Qualification

  • ⦾ Post-Graduate Diploma, Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development, India
  • ⦾ Bachelor of Commerce, Alexandria University, Egypt


Professional Certification


  • ⦾ Associate of the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development (CIPD), UK
  • ⦾ Certified Level A & B Occupational Psychometric Assessor (British Psychological Society - BPS)
  • ⦾ Lean Master (Green Belt) – Lean Manufacturing
  • ⦾ Smallpeice Enterprises – UK

Ashraf Shawky

Why Count on Learners Point?

Learners Point Academy is the leading provider of the PHRi Certification in Saudi Arabia. We help professionals master the skill sets needed to achieve the required PHRi Certification.

The USPs of our PHRi course in Saudi Arabia are as follows:

  • We consider real-world scenarios organisations face and formulate our PHRi Certification course evaluating practical requirements
  • Our PHRi Certification course comprises theoretical knowledge and practical case studies to give real-time insights required as a professional in a demanding role
  • We also equip you with hands-on experience through assignments based on the actual work environment
  • We have group sessions and guided learning experiences for a better understanding of the PHRi course
  • We also offer career guidance and support for successful placement as a professional after completion of this PHRi Certification

Learners Experience

“Completion of the PHRi Certification in Saudi Arabia validated my expertise and proficiency in HR, providing a competitive edge in the job market."

Rana Seth

Training and Development Coordinator

“The PHRi Certification's global recognition expanded my career horizons, enabling me to secure roles I previously thought unattainable in the HR field."

Fatima Sana

Compensation and Benefits Analyst

“Earning the PHRi Certification in Saudi Arabia bolstered my professional credibility. It opened doors to advanced job roles and enhanced my professional profile."

Mahrukha Sheikh

Talent Acquisition Manager

“The PHRi Certification equipped me with an in-depth understanding of global HR principles, fostering confidence and expertise in various HR domains."

Rakiba Mustan

Recruitment Specialist

“Completing the PHRi Certification in Saudi Arabia significantly expanded my career opportunities in HR. The comprehensive knowledge and international recognition propelled my career forward."

Zayn Hamid

HR Manager

Our Graduates

Our graduates are from big companies, small, companies, they are founders, career changers and life long learners. Join us and meet your tribe!

FAQs on PHRi Certification in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the PHRi Certification holds significant value, representing a notable investment in your professional growth. It affirms your expertise in HR principles at an international standard, greatly contributing to your HR career in Saudi Arabia.
PHRi-certified professionals in Saudi Arabia have access to a variety of HR-related roles, including the following:

1) HR Manager
2) Recruitment Specialist
3) Training Coordinator

Numerous organizations in Saudi Arabia highly appreciate the expertise and competence signified by the PHRi Certification.
To uphold the PHRi credential, individuals are required to accumulate 60 recertification credits within three years by participating in qualified activities and programs.
The PHRi Certification course will be delivered both in English and Arabic in Saudi Arabia.
Yes. The PHRi Certification in Saudi Arabia is accredited by the global body HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute).
The PHRi certification is valid for three years. You have to fulfil certain criteria to maintain the certification.
The duration of the PHRi Certification exam is 3 Hr 15 Mins in Saudi Arabia.
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