Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP

Autodesk Revit Training Course Summary

Built for BIM – Business Information Modeling – the Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP combo course is customized to introduce students to the software’s interface and various functionalities. Students will use a mix of the three versions to understand the purpose of each in creating relevant elements for design projects.

With Revit Architecture, students will learn to create full 3D architectural project models and set them up in working drawings. Revit Structure expands on concepts of building design through construction documentation and teaches students to use tools to create, analyze and document the parametric model. Revit MEP familiarizes students with HVAC, electrical and plumbing components.

Examples and practices are developed to take the students through four comprehensive Revit projects, from linking in an architectural model to construction documents.

Autodesk Revit Training Course Objective

The combined Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP training at LearnersPoint aims to help students:

  • Efficiently and easily use the Revit software together
  • Develop precise architectural designs
  • Capture and analyze concepts
  • Maintain design and construction documents
  • Use multiple software features, specifically for element building
  • Build element energy analysis and use the BIM for pipe/duct calculations
  • Create/manage the structural analytical model and automatically update it with analysis results
  • Improve BIM-based building performance workflows

Autodesk Revit Training Course Outline

Autodesk Revit Architecture

  • 1: Introduction to BIM and Autodesk Revit
  • 2: Basic Drawing and Modify Tools
  • 3: Setting Up Levels and Grids
  • 4: Modelling Walls
  • 5: Working with Doors and Windows
  • 6: Working with Curtain Walls
  • 7: Working with Views
  • 8: Adding Components
  • 9: Modelling Floors
  • 10: Modelling Ceilings
  • 11: Modelling Roofs
  • 12: Modelling Stairs, Railings, and Ramps
  • 13: Creating Construction Documents
  • 14: Annotating Construction Documents
  • 15: Adding Tags and Schedules
  • 16: Creating Details

Autodesk Revit Structure

  • 1: Introduction to BIM and Autodesk Revit
  • 2: Basic Sketching and Modify Tools
  • 3: Starting Structural Projects
  • 4: Structural Grids and Columns
  • 5: Foundations
  • 6: Structural Framing
  • 7: Working with Views
  • 8: Adding Structural Slabs
  • 9: Structural Reinforcement
  • 10: Structural Analysis
  • 11: Project - Concrete Structure
  • 12: Creating Construction Documents
  • 13: Annotating Construction Documents
  • 14: Creating Details
  • 15: Scheduling

Autodesk Revit MEP

  • 1: Introduction to BIM and Autodesk Revit
  • 2: Basic Drawing and Modify Tools
  • 3: Basic Systems Tools
  • 4: Starting Systems Projects
  • 5: Working with Views
  • 6: Spaces and Zones
  • 7: Energy Analysis
  • 8: HVAC Networks
  • 9: Plumbing Networks
  • 10: Advanced Systems for HVAC and Plumbing
  • 11: Electrical Systems
  • 12: Creating MEP Documents
  • 13: Annotating MEP Documents
  • 14: Adding Tags and Schedules

Professionals Who Can Benefit from Autodesk Revit Training Course

The 4-in-1 Revit Architecture, Structure, Rendering and MEP lessons are for architects, interior designers, concept designers, senior BIM users, porjoect managers, site engineers and draftsmen looking to master the nuances of these versions for professional design output.

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