Supply Chain Management Courses in Dubai

Our courses in Supply Chain management introduce an individual to the fascinating world of Supply Chain Management that offers an in-depth understanding of the complexities that businesses face in today’s global market. Learners Point Academy offers a wide range of Supply Chain management courses in Dubai including the best ones like CPCM, CPSM, CSCP, and CIPS certification courses. These Supply Chain management courses in Dubai are up to date with the most recent course curriculum and formulated with a huge emphasis on real-life examples to enhance and nurture participants’ practical business skills and knowledge of supply chain management. Because of the importance of supply management certification in the worldwide labour market, these Supply Chain management courses in Dubai can guarantee you a plethora of work prospects and greater earning potential.

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What are these Supply Chain Management courses in Dubai all about?

Our Supply Chain Management training in Dubai provides professionals with the knowledge and skills required to manage the flow of information and materials within and between businesses on a local and global scale. These Supply Chain management courses in Dubai are intended to assist persons in obtaining certifications that represent the gold standard of excellence for Supply Chain Management professionals. These credentials validate a person's knowledge of critical issues like procurement and sourcing, contracts, negotiation, and leadership. These Supply Chain management courses in Dubai are intended to assist individuals in obtaining certifications that exhibit competence for Supply Chain management professionals. 

Why applying for Supply chain management courses in Dubai Important?

A manufacturing company's performance relies heavily on the success of the supply chain as a whole. Acquiring supply chain skills can give individuals vast career opportunities in any industry. However, managing a company’s supply chain system is a challenging task hence, taking a certified supply chain management training is beneficial in reducing risks, boosting efficiency, and saving money. Enrolling in our Supply Chain Management courses in Dubai is an ideal choice for those who wish to advance in their career, grow their business, or just want a better understanding of how commerce works. In almost any industry, supply chain skills can make team members more employable and offer opportunities for advancement. 

Why do companies hire professionals with Supply Chain certifications?

By facilitating the interchange of goods between firms and consumers, Supply Chain Management lays the groundwork for economic growth. When catering to ever-changing client demands, a well-functioning supply chain assures timely delivery of goods and services. With the increasing complexity and growth in Supply Chain operations, companies are embracing analytical standards to improve their decision-making capabilities and Supply Chain efficiency. As a result, companies are always looking for individuals who have earned Supply Chain Management certifications and are keen to pursue a career in Supply Chain Management.

Industry Trends

Supply Chain Management is an integral part of business operations and essential for the success of any organization. Due to this reason, the demand for certified Supply Chain Management professionals is growing worldwide. There is a demand for skilled Supply Chain professionals in every industry. Our courses in Supply Chain Management have their own distinct merits and value in the market. Let us discover how.

Market trends

The Global Supply Chain Management (SCM) market is anticipated to be worth around 165 billion AED by 2027, rising at a CAGR of 9.4% during the forecast period. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment of Supply Chain Management professionals will grow by 30% between 2020 and 2030, far faster than the national average. Supply Chain Management is the pandemic's required degree, and individuals must seize the chance.

Salary Trends

UAE is one of the most influential countries in the world from a supply chain perspective. In recent years, the UAE has remarkably turned itself from a logistical powerhouse to a supply chain nerve center. Completing Supply Management courses in Dubai can provide individuals with demanding and fascinating job prospects with satisfying salaries. The average salary of a Supply Chain Manager in the UAE is AED 24,500 per month. The highest salary of a Supply Chain Manager in the UAE is AED 65,000 and the lowest is AED 11,000.

Demand & Opportunities

Supply Chain Management is a vital part of organizational success. The process of developing a concept into a final product is complex, with many moving elements. Sales growth is largely connected to how well a corporation manages this process. Enrolling in our Supply Chain Management training in Dubai and gaining a certification assures of developing crucial skills in important areas, making these chances more accessible. If an individual wants to succeed in his/her career, taking Supply Chain Management courses in Dubai and earning the relevant certifications can place the individual ahead of non-certified professionals.

A few of the most sought-after jobs in the field of Supply Chain available in the Dubai region (as observed in popular Dubai job portals) are as follows:

  1.  The Supply Chain Analyst investigates data and procedures to predict and optimize a firm's delivery of products and services to customers
  2.  The Supply Chain Engineer oversees and manages the complete Supply Chain and Logistics strategy and operations of the firm to increase process efficiency and productivity
  3.  The Supply Chain Manager organizes, manages, and supervises all activities related to the identification, purchase, production, and distribution of the company's goods
  4.  The Distribution Manager oversees, selects, and trains warehouse staff to ensure that their jobs are completed efficiently
  5.  The Purchasing Manager represents organizations during contract negotiations and policy development  along with multiple suppliers

Course Outcome

Successful completion of our Supply Chain Management courses in Dubai will help you to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the critical importance of Supply Chain Management in today's corporate setting
  • Understand and apply contemporary Supply Chain theories, techniques, and concepts
  • Understand the fundamental importance of logistics in shipping and warehousing
  • Become an expert in Supply Chain alignment
  • Acquire globally recognised Supply Chain credentials

Course Module

  • Supply Chains, Demand Management, and Forecasting
  • Global Supply Chain Networks
  • Sourcing Products and Services
  • Internal Operations and Inventory
  • Forward and Reverse Logistics
  • Supply Chain Relationships
  • Supply Chain Risk
  • Optimization, Sustainability, and Technology
  • Scope and Influence of Procurement & Supply (12 Credits)
  • Commercial Contracting (6 Credits)
  • Defining Business Needs (6 Credits)
  • Ethical & Responsible Sourcing (6 Credits)
  • Commercial Negotiation (6 Credits)
  • Whole Life Asset Management (6 Credits)
  • Supplier Relationships (6 Credits)
  • Procurement & Supply in Practice (12 credits)
  • Introduction to logistics and SCM
  • Role of logistics in supply chain
  • Material management, warehousing, and inventory management
  • Purchasing/procurement
  • Transportation and distribution
  • Capacity and network planning
  • Logistics documentation and EXIM procedures
  • Foundation of Supply Management
  • Leadership In Supply Management
  • Effective Supply Management Performance
  • Introduction to Warehousing Management
  • Inventory Classification & Record Accuracy
  • Storage & Material Handling Systems
  • Dealing with Staffing Issues
  • Safety in the Warehouse
  • Productivity & Audit of a Warehouse
  • Introduction
  • Procurement Audit Flowchart
  • Planning and Organizing the Audit
  • Conducting the Audit
  • Leading & Controlling the Audit Team
  • Differences: Domestic and Global Purchasing
  • Global Sourcing Levels
  • Global Sourcing Benefits
  • Switching from Domestic to Global Sourcing
  • Roadblocks to Overcome
  • Starting an Offshore Buying Program
  • Sourcing Strategies (Pros and Cons)
  • Domestic Global Sourcing Companies
  • In Country-based Sourcing Representatives 
  • Establishing Dedicated International Purchase Office (IPO) 
  • Direct from Offshore Suppliers
  • Identifying and Qualifying Offshore Suppliers
  • Using available Procurement Techniques
  • Comparing the Total Landed Cost of Acquisition
  • Negotiating with Offshore Suppliers
  • Financing the Transaction
  • The Role of Domestic Law and CISG
  • Preparing the Contract with the Offshore Supplier
  • Documentation Required
  • Key Clauses for the Contract with the Offshore Supplier
  • Dispute Settlement Provisions for the Contract with the Offshore Supplier
  • Recommended Methods of Payment
  • Protecting the Purchase from Foreign Currency Exposure
  • Terms of Purchase Documentation 
  • The Terms of Shipping Documentation 
  • What the Purchaser Should Specify in the International Purchase Contract 
  • International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS)
  • Bill of Lading and Other International Purchasing Documents
  • International Negotiation
  • The Influence of Culture on International Negotiation
  • The International Negotiation Process
  • Managing International Negotiations
  • Decision Making
  • Global Negotiation Styles
  • Foreigner’s Viewpoint of Americans as Negotiators
  • American Viewpoints of Saudis as Negotiators
  • Differences in Negotiation Approaches, Saudis and American
  • Practical Issues in Cross-Cultural Negotiation
  • Introduction to Inventory Management
  • Inventory Classification and Record Accuracy
  • Forecasting Demand and Lead Time
  • Inventory Systems
  • Reducing Inventory Investment
  • Purchasing and the Organization
  • Supplier Management
  • Communication and Change
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Managing Procurement Talent
  • Procurement & Supply Environments (6 Credits)
  • Contract Administration (6 Credits)
  • Ethical Procurement & Supply (6 Credits)
  • Team Dynamics & Change (6 Credits)
  • Elective Units - Socially Responsible Procurement (6 Credits)
  • Elective Units - Socially Responsible Warehousing & Distribution (6 Credits)
  • General Provisions
  • Sales
  • Leases
  • Negotiable Instruments
  • Bank Deposits & Collections
  • Funds Transfer
  • Letters of Credit
  • Bulk Transfers & [Revised] Bulk Sales
  • Documents of Title
  • Investment Securities
  • Secured Transactions
  • Pre-Award
  • Acquisition Planning and Strategy
  • Post-Award
  • Specialized Knowledge Areas
  • Business Areas
  • Introduction to Procurement
  • Procurement in a Strategic & Legal Context
  • Going Out to Tender
  • Financial Skills
  • Effective Communication
  • Contract Management
  • Procurement Effectiveness
  • Procurement in Practice
  • Procurement and Supply Environment - Marco View - Demand and Supply and Competition
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • Categories in Procurement
  • Managing Appraisal Process of Supplier
  • Understanding Dual Concerns in the Negotiation Process
  • Understanding Cost & Price Principles
  • Understanding Competition
  • Understanding Types of Negotiations
  • Types of Negotiations and Approach
  • Planning Process in Negotiations
  • Procurement & Supplier Relationship Management
  • Contract Management & Understanding Contract Terms
  • Contract Management Process
  • Managing Stakeholders in Procurement
  • Contract Review & Relationship Management
  • Understanding Price & Cost
  • Negotiation and Relationship Matrix
  • International Trade
  • Understanding Cost & Price Principles
  • Understanding Competition
  • Types of Negotiations and Approach
  • Planning Process in Negotiations
  • Understanding & Implementing Best in Class Procurement
  • Embracing the Modern Trends in Supply Chain Management
  • The Critical Need to 'Knowing your Market’
  • The Process of Selecting, Developing, & Managing the Supplier
  • The Core Activities of the Tendering Process
  • Master the Contract Management Process in Procurement
  • Implementing Techniques for Measuring and Managing Performance
  • Completing the Procurement Cycle
  • Warehouse Operational Principles
  • Warehouse Technology
  • Inventory Management Principles
  • Stock Control, Verification & Reporting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Understanding Procurement & Category Management
  • Maximizing Value & Procurement Excellence using Varied Routes
  • Understanding the Supplier Sourcing & Selection Routes
  • Recognizing & Overcoming the Barriers to Category Management
  • Category Management & Rethinking the Supply Chain
  • Introduction to Fleet Management
  • Fleet Maintenance Management
  • Vehicle Selection and Replacement
  • Transportation and Distributing Planning
  • Measuring and Improving Fleet Performance

Program Dates

23 May
  • 09:00 AM
  • Thu
  • Classroom
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Expert Instructors & Teaching Methods



We, at Learners Point, take immense pride in our teaching methods and instructors. Our instructors are some of the best experts from their fields and employ a practical approach to learning. Many of them are globally recognised and have a diverse set of experience in their field of expertise. You are always sure to have the best in the industry as your teachers who are ready to guide you at every step and make the experience informative yet enjoyable.  Apart from the focus on learning your chosen course, our instructors also encourage students to develop communication skills and interpersonal skills necessary to excel in the practical world.

Our cutting edge teaching methods make every program an immersive and productive experience for the learners. Our learning methods are research-driven and are continuously updated to stay relevant to present times as well as the future. You will enjoy practical applications of everything learned through theory and regular mock examinations to help monitor your progress. Our courses are led by an instructor in a classroom setup and we do offer online high-quality sessions as well for individuals. We also monitor the training sessions with a progress tracker to maintain high standards of instruction & ethics.

Our Expert Instructors

Why Count on Learners Point?

Learners Point, as the top provider of Supply Chain Management courses in Dubai, assists professionals in mastering the necessary skill sets to complete the Supply Chain Management certification successfully.

Following are the USPs our certified Supply Chain Management courses in Dubai offer you:

  • We examine real-world scenarios that businesses face and designed our Supply Chain Management courses in Dubai based on practical necessities
  • For our courses in Supply Chain Management, besides the theoretical part, we also emphasize practical case studies to provide an individual with a reality check and accustom them to what will be expected of them while performing in a challenging profession
  • Our tailored Supply Chain Management courses in Dubai also provide individuals with first-hand experience by assigning tasks based on the actual work environment
  • We offer a guided learning experience in addition to group sessions to improve the quality of our certified Supply Chain Management courses in Dubai
  • We also use a definite approach to career counseling in order to successfully place an individual as a professional

Learners Experience

"Enrolling in the Supply Chain Management Course was one of the best decisions I've made for my career. The course materials were comprehensive, and the instructors made complex concepts easy to understand. I now work as a Procurement Specialist and can confidently contribute to my organization's supply chain success."

Iman Akram

Procurement Specialist

"The Dubai Supply Chain Management Course was an incredible learning experience. It covered everything from procurement to distribution, and the instructors were engaging and supportive. I've not only gained knowledge but also a network of professionals in the field. I'm excited to take on my new role as a Logistics Coordinator."

Hakim Seth

Logistics Coordinator

"I highly recommend the Supply Chain Management Course in Dubai to anyone aspiring to work in logistics and supply chain. The course was well-structured, and the case studies challenged me to think critically. Thanks to this training, I've secured a position as a Supply Chain Manager with a leading company in Dubai."

Zahid Ali

Inventory Manager

"I can't express how valuable the Supply Chain Management Course in Dubai has been for my career. The course content was rich and up-to-date, and the hands-on exercises helped me apply concepts in real-world scenarios. I'm now working as a Supply Chain Analyst and loving every moment of it."

Maurina Habib

Supply Chain Analyst

Our Graduates

Our graduates are from big companies, small, companies, they are founders, career changers and life long learners. Join us and meet your tribe!

FAQs on Supply Chain Management Courses in Dubai

Supply Chain Management is a fantastic career since it provides a lot of work options with good pay and a lot of skills and knowledge to gain, ensuring favourable career growth. Since it is integrated with all other operations, it is one of the most diverse fields in the corporate sector.

Our Supply Chain Management training in Dubai is all geared to help individuals achieve the gold standard of excellence for supply management professionals. These certifications demonstrate your understanding of critical areas such as procurement and sourcing, negotiation, contracts, and leadership. Because supply management certification is so important in the global labor market, Supply Chain Management training in Dubai may ensure you a plethora of job opportunities and a higher earning potential.

Learners Point Academy's Supply Chain Management courses in Dubai are engaging, immersive, and intensive hands-on training. We provide three modes of delivery, with participants able to select from instructor-led classroom-based group coaching, one-on-one training sessions, or high-quality live and interactive online sessions.

Supply Chain Management, logistics, and supply chain as an industry have emerged as one of the fastest-growing areas during the decade, as every component of a company appears to be drawn into it. Dubai is attracting aspiring professionals as a result of the country's economic developments. These developing tendencies lead to the emergence of new opportunities, which are becoming increasingly important in enhancing the demand for and competitiveness for top talent in Dubai.

Supply Chain Management is a fast-paced sector that attracts strategic thinkers. It provides a wide range of experiences and an enormous opportunity for career advancement. Although a degree in Supply Chain Management provides professionals with an advantage, anyone with a solid understanding of the industry and its functions can begin a career in it. This enormous industry offers career opportunities at all levels, making it simple for any individual to break into the market.

At Learners Point Academy, if a participant doesn’t wish to discontinue the training after the registration due to any reason, he or she is entitled to a 100% refund. However, the refund will be issued only if we are notified in writing within two days from the date of registration. The refund will be processed within four weeks from the day of exit.

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