UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar

Our UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar covers the updated company tax laws. The course enables learners to stay up to date with the latest law changes through theoretical and practical insights. Enrolling in this course will help aspirants to grasp the latest federal policies, implemented from February 2, 2023, in Qatar.

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What is Our UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar All About?

The UAE Corporate Tax Training course in Qatar is carefully designed. It introduces professionals to federal income taxation for businesses. The course prepares participants to navigate and implement the new corporate tax regime effectively.

Why is UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar Important?

Enrolling in our course can be extremely beneficial for professionals who wish to expand their taxation knowledge. Our UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar elaborates on the fundamentals of corporate taxation and its impact on businesses. It also allows learners to practically implement and compute these tax policies. 

Why do Companies Hire Professionals with UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar?

The demand for professionals who are aware of the new tax amendments since February 2023 is on the rise. Hence, employers are now looking for professionals who have the UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar. Certified professionals are proficient in tax return preparation, calculation, and submission of corporate tax returns. 

Industry Trends

The emergence of the UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar is reshaping the career prospects in the taxation field. This training validates a professional’s skills which is considered to be a valuable asset. Hence enrolling in a course will enhance an individual’s expertise and keep up with the changing landscape.

Market trends

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, there will be over 135,000 job opportunities for qualified auditors and tax specialists between 2020 and 2030. It also stated that there will be a 7% growth in demand for auditors and accountants. This indicates that the career prospects for tax professionals will further increase with the UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar.

Salary Trends

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for tax consultants in Qatar stands at an average of QAR 9,813 per month. This amount can go up to QAR 11,625 per month depending upon the industry. Thus, with the UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar, an individual can unleash greater career prospects with high salary packages.

Demand & Opportunities

Nowadays, more companies are seeking skilled and certified experts to apply new tax regulations. For which, the demand for such professionals is on the rise. The UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar demonstrates the knowledge needed for these demanding job roles.

Some of the most in-demand career opportunities with UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar are listed below:

  1. Corporate Tax Consultants
  2. Corporate Taxation 
  3. Tax Auditors
  4. Tax Analysts
  5. Tax Accountants

Course Outcome

Successful completion of the UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar will help you in the following ways:

  • Complete understanding of federal income taxation concerning business profits
  • Learn the methodologies and best practices for completing and filing business tax returns
  • Gain insights into the fundamentals of tax law
  • Master the techniques for calculating organisations' corporate income tax liability
  • Identify various approaches for effective tax planning and minimising tax liability

Course Module

  • What is Corporate Tax?
  • Why is the UAE introducing CT?
  • Is the UAE the first country to introduce CT?
  • When will the UAE CT regime become effective?
  • Will UAE CT apply to businesses in each Emirate?
  • What will be the role of the Federal Tax Authority?
  • What will be the role of the Ministry of Finance?
  • Will any income be exempt from UAE CT?
  • What is a ‘qualifying’ shareholding?
  • Will a free zone business be subject to UAE CT?
  • Will a free zone business be required to register and file a CT return?
  • Will the UAE CT treatment be different for a free zone business established in a financial-free zone?
  • Will the UAE CT regime allow prior-year losses to reduce future taxable income?
  • Will excess CT losses be allowed to be carried forward and used in future years?
  • Will a group be able to utilise the tax losses of one group company against the taxable income of another group company?
  • What is withholding tax?
  • What is the withholding tax rate under the UAE CT regime?
  • What are transfer pricing rules?
  • Will transfer pricing rules apply to UAE businesses?
  • Who will be subject to UAE CT?
  • How do you determine whether a legal entity has a “business” that will be within the scope of UAE CT?
  • How do you determine whether an individual has a “business” that will be within the scope of UAE CT?
  • How do you determine the business profit/income that will be subject to UAE CT?
  • What will the UAE CT rates be?
  • What is meant by “large” multinationals?
  • Will an individual’s salary income be subject to UAE CT?
  • Will an individual who has a commercial licence to carry out business in the UAE be subject to UAE CT?
  • Will an individual who invests in UAE real estate be subject to UAE CT?
  • Will an individual be subject to CT on investment returns?
  • Will the income earned by a freelance professional be subject to UAE CT?
  • Will income earned by an individual from bank deposits be subject to UAE CT?
  • If a business has earned a taxable income of AED 400,000 in a given financial year, what will be the UAE CT amount payable?
  • Will anyone be exempt from UAE CT?
  • Will a foreign company or individual be subject to UAE CT?
  • Will income earned by a foreign investor be subject to UAE CT?
  • Will the oil and gas sector and other extractive industries be subject to the UAE CT regime?
  • Will the banking sector be subject to the UAE CT regime?
  • Will the real estate sector be subject to the UAE CT regime?
  • Will a group of UAE companies be able to form a “fiscal unity” for UAE CT purposes?
  • Will foreign CT paid on UAE taxable income be recognised under the UAE CT regime?
  • Will businesses be required to register for UAE CT purposes?
  • How often will UAE businesses need to file a UAE CT return?
  • Will the CT return need to be filed electronically?
  • Will businesses be required to pay tax in advance?
  • Are there any consequences for non-compliance under the CT regime?

Program Dates

Expert Instructors & Teaching Methods

Dr Srinivas is a leading industry professional in the field of finance and accounting. He is an established corporate trainer with demonstrated experience in his field. He is the holder of some of the world’s most valued professional credentials such as CMA, CPA, PMP, CCA, CFE, etc. He has an extensive educational background as well in finance which establishes his mettle in designing, developing and delivering excellent training programs. His training records mark exceptional results in guiding and teaching professionals of all experience levels and from diversified backgrounds. He integrates his excellent presentation skills with the knowledge of educational theories and methodologies to provide onsite and virtual training that is of unparalleled quality. His high community services contribution also ascertains his commitment to training potential aspirants to become tomorrow’s professionals.


  • ⦾ Ph.D. in Management, 2018 (Provisional yet to be received) OPJS University, India
  • ⦾ M.Sc. in Applied Psychology 2016, Bhartiyar University, India
  • ⦾ MBA in Finance 2012, Nagarjuna University, India
  • ⦾ LLB 1998, Osmania University, India
  • ⦾ M.Com 1994, Osmania University, India
  • ⦾ B. Com 1990, Osmania University, India


Professional Qualifications


  • ⦾ Certified Public Accountant, (CPA), The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, U.S.A
  • ⦾ Certified Management Accountant, (CMA), The Institute of Management Accountants, USA
  • ⦾ Certified Fraud Examiner, (CFE), Association of Fraud Examiners, USA
  • ⦾ Certified Cost Accountant (ICWA-Inter), The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India, India
  • ⦾ Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute

Dr. Srinivas, PhD, MSc, MBA, LLB, CMA, CPA, PMP

Why Count on Learners Point?

Learners Point Academy is the leading course provider of UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar. Through our training, professionals acquire the prowess to advance in their careers.

The USPs of our certification course are listed below :

  • We study real-time challenges organisations face and gauge the practical necessities
  • Along with theory, we study real-life examples to understand reality and provide insight into what you need to deliver 
  • Our customised Corporate Tax Certification also assists by providing assignments linked to a real work environment
  • We conduct group sessions along with a well-coordinated learning experience
  • We also take a discrete approach to career guidance so that one can be successfully placed as a professional

Learners Experience

"I highly recommend the UAE Corporate Tax Certification course to anyone who wants to learn the recent taxation changes and its implications. The program by Learners Point is well-structured and comprehensive. I have gained immense knowledge through this course, which is helping me to thrive in my current job role."

Abdul Rehman


"The UAE Corporate Tax Certification Course from Learners Point was very helpful. The course has helped me to enhance my capabilities and earn the certification in corporate tax. Now I am currently working as a financial analyst in a reputed company."

Sana Khalid

Tax Advisor

"I highly recommend Learners Point Academy. Their UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar was very beneficial. The course deepened my understanding of tax laws and boosted my confidence in handling corporate tax matters effectively. I am now successfully managing tax affairs for a multinational corporation."

Majid Hamad

Corporate Tax Manager

"Enrolling on the UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar was the best decision. Thanks to Learners Point, their comprehensive curriculum and case studies have helped me a lot., Currently, I am working as a Tax Consultant and helping my company navigate the complex tax landscape in Qatar."

Lina Ahmed

Tax Consultant

"The Corporate Tax Certification course by Learners Point transformed my career. The instructors were very cooperative and provided me with invaluable insights into the complex world of corporate taxation. This gave me a competitive edge in the job market."

Sarah Hamiz

Tax Analyst

Our Graduates

Our graduates are from big companies, small, companies, they are founders, career changers and life long learners. Join us and meet your tribe!

FAQs on UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar

The latest rollout of corporate tax has created a surge in demand for tax professionals since February 2023. A plethora of job openings has emerged in Qatar, particularly for tax experts because of their vast knowledge gained through UAE Corporate Tax Training. This indicates that companies are in dire need of tax professionals in Qatar in both the private and public sectors.
There are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in the Qatar Corporate Tax training course. This program is for anyone who wants to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the new corporate taxation system in Qatar.
The average salary of a Tax Analyst after earning the UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar at entry level is an average of 92,240 QAR annually. However, this figure can go up to 292,000 QAR per year depending upon the experience level and industry.
The training for UAE Corporate Tax Training in Qatar helps professionals gain an in-depth understanding of corporate tax and its implications. It also helps one to stay ahead with the latest trends and tax changes. Through this comprehensive training, you will be able to perform complex tax calculations seamlessly.
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