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Cyber security is a specialized branch of Information Technology that is designed to protect networks, computers, and data from attack, damage, and unauthorized access. Owing to its significance in the business world, there has been a growing demand for Cyber Security training across the globe. Cyber Security courses in Dubai are designed to offer individuals an in-depth knowledge of cyber security tools and best practices. Our bespoke Cyber Security courses cover the fundamental and advanced concepts underlying the construction and functioning of secure computer systems and information. With examples drawn from modern practice, and augmented with hands-on exercises, we provide the best Cyber Security courses in Dubai. Participants can learn basic to advanced concepts of network and system administration such as data integrity, confidentiality, and availability from our Cyber Security training. At Learners Point, we provide Cyber Security courses that offer ​​a high-engagement learning experience with real-world applications to enable professionals to learn and practice the concepts with multiple projects. Cyber Security training programs help professionals explore all the branches of computing security including how to protect network infrastructures, monitor threats, and implement security solutions. Upon completing these Cyber Security courses online or offline, participants can equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to achieve the best Cyber Security certifications that are recognized globally.


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  • Develop expertise in cyber security concepts
  • Design and build a secure network and computer systems
  • Gain knowledge of the critical security approaches necessary to identify and prevent threats
  • Get equipped with skills that are critical in the domain of cyber security
  • Achieve globally recognized Cyber Security certifications.

Career Opportunities

About Cyber Security

In today's world, companies and corporations spend millions of dollars on defense systems for software and hardware to protect their valuable assets. This makes cyber security awareness the first and foremost necessary skill that employers look for while recruiting. Cyber Security courses in Dubai are designed to navigate individuals through the foundations and skills necessary to build a successful cyber security career. Through these Cyber Security courses, participants gain a deep understanding of the aspects of cyber security from the defensive as well as offensive side, and the methodologies that are practiced. Cyber Security training enhances professionals’ competency in cyber security and trains them to spot vulnerabilities, fend off attacks, and immediately respond to emergencies. Understanding the market demand, we offer participants a wide range of Cyber Security training ranging from basic Cyber Security courses for beginners to advanced Cyber Security courses for professionals with prior experience in the domain.


Target Audiences

The cybersecurity job market is growing exponentially and along with it, grows the need for professionals to stay competitive. Our Cyber Security courses offer a holistic view of foundational topics of the Cyber Security domain. Cyber Security courses in Dubai are designed to cater to students and working professionals from a variety of industries and backgrounds wanting to enhance their skills and build a career in Cyber Security.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

According to Robert Half's 2020 Salary Report, cyber security is one of the top in-demand sectors of 2020. Cyber security offers a few of the hottest job roles with massive opportunities and impressive salary packages. With a satisfaction level of 68%, it is a mentally and financially satisfying career for most professionals across the globe.
Due to the implementation of several smart initiatives, Dubai is now becoming home to various technological advancements and thus prone to cyber security threats. The scope for cyber security professionals is high and it is one of the rapidly growing careers at present in the United Arab Emirates. Various studies predict that the demand for cyber security professionals is projected to grow positively in the UAE making Dubai the ideal location for a promising career.
These Cyber Security courses prepare you for certification exams that will help you acquire some of the globally recognized certifications in the IT industry. It will make you stand out from other IT security experts as these certifications approve of your knowledge and skills necessary to perform core cyber security functions. Furthermore, these courses can help you land high-paying jobs at top-notch companies.
When compared to other technical fields, learning cybersecurity isn’t a challenging task. With the right Cyber Security courses that provide the right resources and practical knowledge, professionals can gain mastery of fundamental concepts easily. For delegates with excellent computer and internet skills, learning cyber security is an easy task.
Professionals who are problem solvers and lifelong learners are best suited for roles in cyber security. With new security threats popping up every day, dynamic professionals who are curious and inquisitive and hold deep-rooted knowledge of operating systems, cloud networks, network infrastructure, system threats and more can mark their places in this domain.

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